How to Start A Commercial Cleaning Company


Even though cleaning isn’t very glamorous, it can be quite profitable – especially if you go into the field of commercial cleaning. This business model not only offers a lot of flex ability in terms of scheduling but it also can be started in practically no time at all. These benefits make it an attractive choice for motivated entrepreneurs who want to start earning money on their own.

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What Are the Benefits of Starting A Company That Specializes in Commercial Cleaning?

Few Market Fluctuations: Some industries have a lot of ups and downs, leaving businesses in those fields in a nearly constant state of uncertainty. That generally doesn’t apply to commercial cleaning. No matter what is happening with the economy, companies always need to have their buildings cleaned. That means that the demand for your services remains stable even when other industries are struggling.

Not Overly Complex: Cleaning commercial buildings is usually a straightforward process. The basic services stay the same from one company to the next. For instance, nearly every business needs their bathrooms cleaned, their garbage cans emptied, and their floors swept, mopped, or vacuumed.

A Lot of Repeat Customers: Once you build a solid customer base, they will typically keep using your services over and over again. Instead of having to constantly chase new clients, you can enjoy a relatively steady stream of business. This usually translates into fewer fluctuations in your income level, making it easier to plan your finances since the amount of money coming in is always consistent.

No Advanced Training or Education Required: When you start out, you can do the work on your own. As your company grows, however, you may want to bring additional workers on board. Fortunately, cleaning is something that anyone can do without having to undergo extensive training. That means that you don’t need to waste money trying to recruit employees with advanced skills or providing them with training. Commercial cleaning services are usually provided outside of normal business hours. That makes positions like this ideal for people who are hoping to supplement their income from another job or who prefer to work in the evenings.

Low Start-up Costs: Getting your business started doesn’t take a lot of upfront capital. After you buy your initial equipment and cleaning supplies, there are relatively few ongoing expenses. This is especially true if you open a cleaning franchise rather than starting a business from scratch. If possible, you should purchase high-quality, professional-grade tools and cleaning products to make cleaning as easy and effective as possible.

Tips for Starting A Commercial Cleaning Company

Consider whether you want to buy a franchise or start your own company. If you don’t have a lot of capital, building your own business is a good option. If you have more money to invest up front, franchising can give you an advantage by providing instant brand recognition and a built-in plan for your business. You also need to decide if you want to work on your own or if you want to hire employees.

Iron out the details of your business. This includes deciding on a name, figuring out what structure you want to use for your company, dealing with licensing and registration, and putting together a business plan. If you plan on hiring other people to work for your business, you should contact the IRS to obtain a free Employee Identification Number (EIN). You also need to educate yourself about your legal obligations as an employer.

Purchase surety bonding and insurance for your business.

Come up with a marketing strategy. What customers are you going to target? How can you stand out from your competitors? Are you hoping to focus on companies in a single industry or do you want to branch out? Is there one particular area of your city where you want to focus your attention? Some ways that you can differentiate your business from your competitors include using environmentally-friendly cleaning products, charging lower prices, or providing superior customer service.

Buy everything that you need to get started. Check companies that specialize in cleaning products to see if you qualify for wholesale pricing. Some items you may need to purchase include garbage bags, air freshening products, antibacterial cleaners, cleaning cloths, floor cleaning tools like vacuums and mops, and a system for carrying all of your supplies. If you are bringing on employees, put together individual cleaning kits for each person.

Decide how much you are going to charge. Plan up front for how you will deal with the bidding process, how you will collect money that you are owed, and what types of contracts you will use.

Print your marketing materials including any brochures or business cards.

Get started with marketing. Consider placing ads in publications that are commonly read by business owners in the sector that you are targeting. Look into vehicle wraps or magnets to advertise your services whenever you drive. Explore other marketing opportunities, as well, to start spreading the word about your business.

Always provide excellent customer service. Don’t be afraid to ask customers to provide referrals or to see if they are willing to leave a review. This can help you grow your company more quickly.