How to Start a Food truck business


A new generation of street food lovers is encouraging budding chefs and fooopreneursto venture into the food truck business. Food truck culture is not new;however in today’s day and age it enjoys mass publicity and is widely regarded as the major component of urban culture. Recent surveys suggest that food truck industry is currently minting more than one billion dollars in sales each year, the figures are astronomical and this is why many business experts consider it the best time to enter the industry.

Close observers of food industry regard slow-growing economy as a major factor behind the recent hike in number of food trucks on the road. Employees are constantly on a hunt for inexpensive lunches and breakfasts and this is where food trucks leverage their customers. A healthy chunk of food truck consumer base is urban youth who are constantly exploring different cuisines; therefore the ratio of returning customers is slightly less compared to restaurants.

You need to serve great food, one that tantalizes the taste buds of your customers; everything is nullified if the food being served is not good enough. Hencethe first order of business is to get a good chef on board, since you don’t have the luxuries of ambiance and service at your disposal, you literally have no other choice than to make good food. Secondly you must organize a food survey in your neighborhood, learn the food preferences of people and pay special attention to the fact how these preferences change from breakfast to dinner. Once you have a comprehensive preference list, you need to prepare a menu which aligns with people’s taste buds. This is perhaps the trickiest step, therefore don’t rush into the process, and don’t forget to take your chef’s opinion.

Locations are crucial in food business and although you do enjoy the luxury of tires under your kiosk, still you need to be careful with your first location. Try to find a place where people normally gather around and hang around in different hours of the day, this would not only improve your visibility in the neighborhood but would also assist you in attracting new customers. Remember motion is life and food trucks who rely on one location, suffer heavy blows in the long run. Therefore take full advantage of the wheels and move around the city. Best practice in this regard is to fix days for specific spots, this way your customers would also not feel cheated and you could boost your sales too.

We are living in a fast paced world and your consumers hate to stand in long queues, therefore special attention must be paid to the service, a quick service would also help you gain new customers. On the flipside even if there are some delays, try to cover them up with your food. Remember the secret to the food truck business is that even if a person has to wait for half an hour, he should walk away satisfied with his purchase.