How To Start A Reseller Hosting Business


The web hosting business can seem like a great business. You buy some servers, sign people up and let them pay you monthly. After all, the selling hosting is just selling space on a server connected to the internet. Then, you receive residual income which is key to having a sustainable business. But, starting a hosting business on your own isn’t that easy. Moreover, running and growing the business can be very difficult for entrepreneurs who are new to the market.


Fortunately, hosting resellers have made it much easier to start a hosting business. In fact, you can now start a hosting business with very little money upfront. While hosting infrastructure could cost you over $10,000 in upfront investment, a quality partner could have your business up and running for less than $50. At that price, you would be better off trying and failing than doing nothing at all. Still, we would like to see you succeed in starting a reseller hosting business. Follow these tips to get your new venture off the ground and start selling hosting services.


Create A Niche In The Market


During the initial stages of planning your hosting business, research the competition. If you have a good idea of what makes other companies successful, you can create a niche for yourself. Your hosting company must have something that sets it apart from the competition. You can compete on convenience, price, quality, speed or support. These factors will allow you to decide the type of customers you want to attract and win over. During your initial stages, your company niche should be able to win them over from other available hosting competitors. Then, you can plan to take on other niches in the hosting market.


Develop Hosting Pricing And Plans


Next, come up with a pricing structure for your hosting services. Keeping in mind your niche and customer base, your packages should cater to that market. Once again, you can make yourself stand out by offering increased storage, bandwidth or CPU resources. Additionally, you can have various tiers of packages for customers at different price points. Of course, low cost and premium packages will help you maximize revenues for your market. The pricing structure of your hosting business should be profitable for your business and economical for customers.


Choose The Type of Server To Use


Still, you have a major decision to make, choosing what type of servers to resell. Within the hosting reselling business, you have many options. Firstly, you can use a dedicated server and divide your single server resources to multiple clients. Secondly, a VPS server still offers semi-dedicated resources to your clients. Lastly, a hybrid cloud reseller can offer instant scaling to meet the needs of your customers. As the hosting industry continues to move the cloud, your hosting service can stand out to clients who want scalability and lower costs.


Sign Up For Reseller Hosting


Once you have chose which type of server to us, it’s time to sign up for a hosting reseller account. Many hosting companies offer reseller accounts with unlimited resources, free billing software and top notch support. They give you almost everything you need to start a hosting business out of the box. Moreover, you are not required to sign into a lengthy contract. The reseller hosting packages do offer discounts for annual packages. However, you can pay monthly to get started and then buy a discounted package in the future. Without a long term commitment and all the resources you need, signing up should be a fairly simple process.


Start Branding Your Hosting Business


As a hosting reseller business, the brand logo and identity is totally in your hands. Most providers will give you full access to white label your services so that clients never know the difference between your servers and your partner’s servers. Branding your hosting business will be critical to setting up your account and then marketing it to your target customers. Ensure that your brand clearly communicates what the company stands for and how it can offer customers better value than the competition.


Following these steps, you are ready to start a reseller hosting business. Make sure you have done your research and can offer something unique in the market. Then, develop attractive pricing and plans that your target customers will like. Furthermore, choose they type of servers you would like to resell and pick a good hosting provider who can give you all the resources you need. Finally, brand your reseller hosting business and start marketing to your customers. In a very short amount of time, you can have a very successful hosting business.