How to Submit a Guest Post


As a guest, you can be publishing the original guest posting on a trustable target website for the audience. Doing the perfect thing, guest posting is another win situation for everyone. You can expand your reach & also share your expertise with the valuable content for your new readers. There are numerous websites to submit a guest post or blog for the audience. Publications or company will run the new blog content for sharing the ideas and diverse insights with its readership. It could be too good and true until the editors will not publish or post anything. No one will win while posting the lazy or unwilling content to editors. You must aware of creating and submitting the best guest post to win the game.

Rules & Regulations

  • It is always important to be responsive to user comments or feedback to your guest post. You can receive the new comments notification to your valid email address. Depending on your response time for the comments, you can generate more users to your guest post. It will encourage exposure, traffic, and other social media sharing
  •  Guest posts should not exceed above 1000 words. There are some exceptions while posting with video supplement or numerous pictures
  • Ensure that your guest post must be draft in good English
  • It is essential to add some internal links to your guest posts like SEO Hacker relevant articles, backlinks, good resources, etc.
  • Also, include some images to your guest posts by providing some image credits
  • Most writers will give importance to embed some links for access to their guest post. However, you should not provide links for accessing affiliate products or link littering process
  • You must edit the guest post content like formatting, grammar, misspellings, etc. before posting the blog
  • It is advisable not to submit or post any generic theory posts or similar posts available across the web. Your guest post must be usable and not only be informative. If so, without any warning they will remove the guest post immediately. You must provide useful information for users to implement practically for enhancing their website or businesses
  • Your guest post may also get rejected due to a generic article without SEO importance. Users can post on how to utilize Linkbuilding for getting web traffic to your guest blog. However, you can gain the best results from the published guest post. The most audience will prefer to look for relevant, current, authentic, unique, fresh, and original content
  • Guest post should not showcase an affiliate product or program or even connecting a company. There are no reviews for this guest blog
  • It is most important that you must only post the original guest blog. It means that the content must be draft by you without resemblance to other published content

Guest Blogging – Benefits

Guest blogging is a symbiotic and works well to utilize with a marketing tactic. This will benefit both writers and as well as publishers. Publishers should receive fresh content that is high-quality, valuable, and relevant for making the audience to appreciate and enjoy. Find below the list of potential benefits the writers can gain from guest blogging:

  • Growing their social media following
  • Enhancing their email list
  • Boosting website SEO by creating numerous backlinks
  • Creating more web traffic to your blog or site
  • Reaching a new audience
  • Enhancing authority
  • Creating relationships
  • Creating brand awareness

Submitting a Guest Post

There are numerous important steps to follow for submitting a successful and efficient guest posting strategy. You can create your own plan foundation, deciding standard opportunities, expectations, and setting clear goals. Just follow the below steps for submitting the best guest post:

  • Determine the goals of your guest posting
  • Browse and locate the guest posting opportunities
  • Identify and qualify the available guest posting sites
  • Develop a clear guest blog post topic
  • Building a perfect pitch
  • Create a guest post worth publishing
  • Follow up or update your work
  • Tracking the guest post updates or results

Guest posting will support SEO initiatives, PR, and as well as marketing in various aspects. Ensure that you follow the above eight steps will your plan and implement the same with your strategy. Building a new guest blogging plan will drive more organic web traffic, generate leads, and enhance brand awareness.