How to Turn your Instagram story Viewers into Followers


Lately, you may have been thinking about increasing Instagram followers. You might be running a business, or you might be a budding new entrepreneur. For creating a big community and after thinking to expand your fan base, you would have thought that how can you increase that ‘follower’ count.

Well, I am here to help you out with that matter only.

Ultimately there’s a way which can help you in increasing your Instagram followers.

Firstly, you can take off by buying Instagram followers. After buying Instagram followers, it will be evident to other people that you have a significant number of followers, and there must be something great about your content, which has attracted so many followers. When the organic number of followers will increase, you can take help of Instagram stories.

Did you think about this before? Probably you wouldn’t have, and the question which now stands in between our goal and us, is ‘how’?

How can you win followers with Instagram stories and Krootez


Well, buying Instagram followers, is certainly beneficial and I didn’t write it, just for the sake of writing.

But Instagram stories, on the other hand, can help you in these ways. And yes, Instagram stories and buying Instagram followers are related to each other, especially if it comes to speak about real followers the website of Krootez is famous for.

The first way can be, that after people get to know about your handle, and about you and the work which you do, you can organize a contest.

By organizing a contest, you will be asking the Instagram users to share, follow and like a particular post, which would be part of the competition. Once you put this information in your story, and ask people to share it to all the people around them, they would definitely do that for getting shortlisted for the winner’s medal.

And a golden add on, when they would share it with their followers and friends, those new people will also get attracted to the prize and ultimately, they will end up following you, and participating in the contest.

For the prize, you can ask the brand for one of their products, in return for marketing their content and taking a good care of their brand image, in front of all the people. This would certainly attract a lot of followers, and keep the brand happy, as well as you!

Nice isn’t it? Unquestionably, yes. It’s a great idea.

Apart from that, there are other methods, such as using a hashtag in your stories. Hashtags are something, which all of us see a lot around us, used by many.


The Conclusion


I had told you that buying real Instagram followers will not go in vain.

Its use comes here. Look for a famous hashtag and use it in your story.

When people will come to your page, from the hashtag, they will get exposed to your content and the firm or brand you’d be working for. And when they will see a good lot of followers already there, it will create a nice impression, and certainly they will follow you.

That’s how buying Instagram followers and increasing followers from stories, are related!