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The terms of mind mapping must be quite familiar to all of us. Yes, it is a map of concepts that is used to make us feel easy to understand or memorize materials. But for beginners, making a mind map may not be an easy thing. There are many reasons for it. For example, a mind map works with keywords. There are no long sentences mentioned but only simple words that represent the entire concepts.

If you want to make a mind map but it is impossible to do it manually, you can use software for mind maps. The software helps you to make the mind map look more beautiful and attractive. Besides, some features available are also effective to ease the best keywords for the points. One of the software products is Mindomo. So, here are some steps to creating a mind map using the software.

Go to the Website

In case you want to use Mindomo, the first thing to do is entering its official website. It is from www.mindomo.com. On the welcome page of the site, you can read the description of the product first. Although users often ignore it, it helps you a lot to know how Mindomo works. Next, there is a bar where you can submit your email address before going to the content of the website. After the submission, click sign up.

Choose the Account Functionality

Submitting the email address means that you have made an account in Mindomo. On the first main page, there are some options for functionality; it is whether the account is for personal and work, teacher, or student. Well, the type of mind map can be different based on the function anyway. Each of categories has its own descriptions or characteristics of the result given. For example, for the teacher account, the mind map made is more compatible with activities in the classroom, something that is not really found in the personal and work category.

Create an Account

After choosing the category, create an account by submitting personal data including the name and password. Confirm it by clicking the Captcha. Not to forget, making an account means that you have agreed with terms and conditions given by Mindomo. After successfully signing up, the activation link is sent to your email address. You can use it to activate the account as well as use all features given by Mindomo to make mind maps.

Start It

When all steps mentioned above are done, it means you are ready to make the website to create mind maps. Indeed, after creating the account, you may need to wait for some minutes to let the activation link ready on your website. Start to create your first mind map by choosing a type of mind map you want to use. Prepare the materials and then the software simply helps you determine the points to apply. Sure, it provides some visualization features like colors and unique fonts to make the mind mapping process more interesting. The result is more understandable as well with this software for mind maps.