How to Use Your Credit Card Rewards to Travel for Free


Credit cards not only allow you to access credit when you don’t have money but also come with extra perks. For example, by using your credit card to make purchases, you’ll accrue points which you can redeem when you’re ready to travel.

These points can help you book flights for free and get amazing discounts at partner hotels for your stays. In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of using your credit card rewards to travel for free.

1.    Use Your Credit Card to Pay for Travel-Related Purchases

For you to earn credit card rewards, you must use your credit card to make purchases, especially if you intend in using them to travel later on. You’ll accrue more rewards based on your usage frequency.

However, you make life easy by finding out how the rewards program work. This will help you know the best way to acquire maximum rewards on your card.

2.    Pay Outstanding Balances in Full

Not only will clearing outstanding balances help you gain more rewards and better credit card offers but also improve your credit score. By gaining more rewards, you’ll be able to save on travel costs through the redeemed points.

You also have to pay off your finance charges which accrue when you carry any balance past the grace period. These charges pull you back on the rewards you’ll get on your card. Therefore, if you intend on traveling for free, it’s in your best interest to clear these charges each month to steer clear of interests.

3.    Grasp the Sign-Up Bonus

This is one of the ways credit card companies lure consumers into using their cards. In fact, many card companies offer tantalizing bonuses, it’ll be hard to walk past them. For example, you may earn a free flight as a sign-up bonus. Another example is the ba amex premium plus which offers 25,000 bonus Avios if you spend £3,000 within the first three months of membership.

As such, take the chance and sign up for the bonus. However, note that the countdown to 90 days starts the day you open an account. This means you have 80 to 85 days to meet the caveat before you can get your card shipped to you.

4.    Enroll for Airline and Hotel Loyalty programs

While you’ll receive credit card rewards for purchases made with your card, you can also earn rewards for flights and stays with select airlines and hotels. Don’t worry about signing up because there’s no fee involved.

To earn loyalty points, ensure you book your stays and flights using your rewards number. To stash more points in the bag, use your credit card for every purchase. Also, there’s a reason why it’s called a loyalty program.

It’s because of how many times you use these services. Therefore, try as much as possible to stick to one airline and hotel. Keep in mind, the more you increase the frequency the higher the chances of moving up the status level which, of course, comes with extra perks.

5.    Transfer Your Points

It’s possible to transfer your points from one card to another and merge them into one program. Later on, when you want to travel, you can redeem them and travel.

Nevertheless, you must tread with caution when transferring these points. Find out whether you’ll lose any points during the transfer. The ideal transfer is a 1:1 ratio. This ensures you keep your hard-earned points.

As a traveler, a credit card is an essential tool in your wallet. This is because you can earn rewards by making purchases using the card. After reading this guide, you now know how to use your card to earn more points and use them to travel for free.