Important Guidelines that Will Make Your Wedding Band Purchase a Success



A wedding is always a lavish affair as people attach too much importance to it. Your wedding is surely the most important event in your life but you should never go overboard. It is never a good idea to flout all your budgetary constraints just to make your wedding a grand affair. Millions of people worldwide put in all their efforts into making sure that their wedding reception is a spectacular and a scintillating experience. More often than not people are partial towards the bride and they spend extravagantly toward the bridal dress and jewelry. Men are not given so much attention or importance, as far as, weddings go. However, most men are quite particular about purchasing their wedding bands as per their preference. They must follow a few basic guidelines so that they choose the right wedding band for themselves based on their budget, lifestyle, and personality.

Chalking Out a Budget Is Your Top Concern

You must start shopping assuming that you would be spending around 3 percent of your entire wedding budget on your wedding band. Depending on the shop you are planning to buy from, simple platinum or a 14-carat gold wedding band would be costing you about $1000. However, embellishments such as customized engraving or diamonds would be further adding to the cost.  Remember engraving costs would be differing according to the precise number of characters, hand engraving or machine engraving, and also according to the specific font used. Hand engraving would definitely cost more. You must think carefully about the rising expenses and plan wisely before you consider customizing your wedding band. Do not ignore your budgetary constraints.

Choose a Wedding Band that Suits Your Lifestyle & Occupation Well

You must buy a wedding band that is just perfect for the kind of life you lead. If you are actively involved in sports and other physical activities or if you are into playing musical instruments or operating machines at work, you must opt for a conveniently-shaped ring that fits in seamlessly into your usual lifestyle. Opt for a relatively slimmer ring having nicely rounded edges so that your ring does not interfere with your activity or affect proficiency and productivity adversely. If you seem to be working with hands all the time, you must look for a solid metal ring in simple designs and it is better to avoid carving that could be attracting undesirable dirt. You may decide against gemstones as they could come loose any time. If you lead a really active life you could opt for tungsten, titanium, or platinum rings that are durable and pretty sturdy and resistant to daily wear and tear. Visit to find the ideal ring for you.

Choose Black & Stand Out from the Rest

If you wish to deviate from the typical men’s wedding bands in conventional metals, you could consider choosing the fashionable and ultra-modern black men’s wedding bands that are stunning and stand out from the typical silver, gold, or even platinum rings. Black wedding bands are made of black metal. These are generally tungsten rings that have a top coat of rich black titanium alloy for an exclusive deep black finish. These stunning black wedding bands surely look different and stand out from the usual silver and gold rings. The black rings are also the best buys because they are incredibly cheap.


Always examine the above few discussed points before opting for a suitable choice. You must focus more on quality. Get your wedding band as per your favorite choice of metal. You may try out a few designs at the jewelry showroom.