Innovative Ways To Smarten Your Home And Boost Its Value


Your home should be your prized possession. Although it can get neglected from time to time due to lack of time or patience, it is important to upgrade your home to enhance its efficiency. Smartening your home can be simple with the right knowledge and tips. Modernizing certain features and adding smart technology and design can boost its functionality as well as its value. Want to find how the best ways to smarten your home to increase its value? Keep reading. 

Upgrade your windows


The windows are one of the primary features of the home, both internally and externally. Not only do they protect your home from intruders and weather, but they can also help reduce the cost of energy bills. 


For instance, upgrading your windows to double-glazed means that your air will be better regulated. It will help control temperature, which means less need for heating and air conditioning. Not only will you be living more sustainably with a reduced carbon footprint, but you will also have lower energy bills. 


To add extra protection to your windows and better regulate the temperature, you can add window coverings. For all of your shutter and blind needs, Shuttercraft can help. They can assess your ideas and install your dream window coverings to finish off the home update you have been waiting for.


Add advanced security measures


When a person looks at buying a home they will often look at its exterior before anything else. It is the first thing they see, so you will want it to appear well-kept and smart. 


As well as appearance, new buyers will likely look for the security measures that are in place. If a home lacks security they may find it unsafe or concerned as that means they will have to pay for extra features when they move in. 


Adding security measures that are smart and modern is the best idea. They offer the best features for maximum security. Double locks are great for windows and doors. Extra measures include security cameras and alarms, which can be connected to your smart devices. This means that the homeowner can protect and keep an eye on the home when they are away. 


Increasing the security measures of your home is a smart move for you and your safety, as well as increasing the value of the overall home. 


Upgrade the front door


Speaking of exteriors, the front door is one of the first features you (and new buyers) see. A dirty and broken front door will make it look like you lack care for the home. 


A nice front door creates a good first impression. You may not necessarily need to replace the front door unless it’s damaged or broken. A refresh of the paint and the hardware can make a front door look brand new. 


Deal with architectural issues first


It is good and effective doing up the kitchen or the bathroom. But, without a safe and protective structure, it is worthless. 


The most important aspect of your home is its structure. If it is damaged or lacks safety, then you will want to deal with these issues first. A common issue is a subsidence, which is an issue primarily for newer builds. But it can happen to any home. 


Look out for defects or get your home surveyed to see what issues are serious. Looking for damages on the roof, leaking tiles or bricks, bowing walls, and an unstable chimney are all signs that your home has structural issues. 


If you witness these issues or they come up in the review, it is important to attend to them before upgrading anything else. It is a smart move to ensure your structure is at its optimal safety and efficiency. 


Add an exterior garden building


How cool does an exterior garden building sound? You can smarten your home, maximize its space, and boost the home’s value with one. 


You could add an exterior building to function in multiple ways. You could add an exterior office, gym, or social space. This allows you to extend the size of your home without adding to the current structure. 


Adding exterior buildings is great for older homes that have weaker structures. You won’t have to tamper with the structure and can add a separate section to the house for any purpose. 


Smart heating


Anything ‘smart’ will guarantee to modernize your home and increase its value. Smart heating is a new technology that allows you to set timers, which can reduce energy use, as well as control the settings when you are out. 


Other ways to smarten your heating system at home is to:


  • Block any drafts
  • Replace damaged windows
  • Add insulation


Add an extra bedroom


If you have spare rooms in the home that are hardly used, then you can add another bedroom. For those that have an office or washing room that is often neglected, you can increase the bedroom size by adding a small bedroom. 


Not only will this allow larger families to move in in the future, but it will also add to the home’s value. More bedrooms mean more money. 


Moreover, it will allow you to host more guests during your time living there. 


Increase storage space


Every home requires storage space, especially if you are going for a smart and modern look. You can easily add functional storage space to free up floor space. 


Adding ottoman furniture is a smart way of making furniture multi-purpose. Additionally, adding storage to the external rooms like garden buildings or garages will allow you (and future buyers) to store stuff away. 


Ottoman furniture comes in various forms, from sofas to beds. You can simply lift up the lids and store goods away until you need them. It will help free up space to maximize your living space and make your home appear larger. It will also make day-to-day living more comfortable. 


As well as places to store items that can be put away, it can help to add shelves too. People love to display personal items such as ornaments and photos.