Is Global PR And HR Management the Best Solution for Your Company


When you look at the landscapes of businesses today versus that of 50 years ago, one thing that is abundantly clear is how much things have changed. You can look at just about every aspect of business in pretty much every industry and see how the times have evolved, technology has entered into the picture, and the general practices and techniques have morphed. There has been a shift to a more globalized business landscape wherein companies are operated all around the world with branches in various countries.

With that said, this global approach to operating business has brought about its own list of challenges and hurdles that entrepreneurs and business owners have had to navigate. This brings us to the topic at hand – global PR and HR management – can this be the answer for your company? Would it be the most streamlined and effective approach to take? Let’s peel back the layers and take a closer look at what global PR and HR management means and how it could benefit your company.

Global PR and HR Management – What Is It?

Global PR and HR management, it’s a real mouthful and for any business that is just expanding into other countries it may also be a whole new concept. Global human resource management and press relation management simply means that these operations are happening in more than one country. They may even be happening in multiple continents.

While it’s a simple concept in terms of the definition, it isn’t always so simple to execute. You can run into things like language barriers, cultural differences, understanding and adhering to local labor laws and payroll laws, the regulations surrounding taxes and other mandatory deductions, how to go about the hiring process, and so much more. In short, it can feel like unchartered waters, and that is a perfectly natural response.

But just because it may seem intimidating and a bit confusing, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. All you have to do is look at the multitude of businesses that have successfully expanded into markets outside of their home countries, and it’s clear that there is a path forward.

Why a Global Approach Can Work

The reason a global approach to your PR and HR needs works is very simple – it addresses, reacts, and adheres to the local economy, culture, people, and needs of your business. It is basically able to check off all the most important boxes. But does that mean you need to show up at each of these locations around the world hiring all your staff? And then how do you ensure you’re adhering to the local laws and customs if you aren’t there to oversee things? 

It’s Time to Look at Outsourcing Your PR and HR

The next natural step is to look at outsourcing your PR and HR needs. This has become a widely used practice across a number of top industries and in companies of all sizes. You don’t have to operate an office with hundreds of employees overseas to need outsourcing, even a small or medium-sized operation can benefit from this approach. It’s all about ensuring that the business is able to operate smoothly and without interruption while taking a lot of pressure off of you.

So, how do you outsource your HR needs? There are companies that specialize in global payroll and HR management, such as New Horizons Global Payroll. The idea is that they look after all the hiring of staff, adhering to the local laws and culture, and then provide payroll services. 

Not only does this make things easier on your end, but by outsourcing the payroll services, you will have the peace of mind that all necessary deductions and taxes are taken off. Every country has its own tax rates and list of deductions, so keeping track of them yourself can be impossible. Tax compliance will also be essential in terms of operating your business in that country.

In terms of outsourcing your PR needs, again, it’s about appealing to the local market. Just because you have a robust and effective marketing campaign at home in the United States, doesn’t mean it translates and is effective in every country you want to expand to. You may be selling different products all together so that it better appeals to the local market.

Outsourcing your PR needs means that company looks after the market research, understands what the best practices and techniques are for that particular country and market, and can implement them seamlessly.

Expanding into Other Countries in a Seamless Manner

At the end of the day, a global PR and HR management approach can make a whole lot of sense for those businesses looking to expand to new markets in other countries. It allows for a seamless approach that ensures business keeps operating.