Is It Smart Using LED Lights for Your Business?


When running a business, one of the main concerns is the return you can get on your investment. A positive ROI is what we are looking for. Is this the case with LED lights? They use to have a higher upfront cost compared with other options… But there are more considerations to take into account before we make a decision. Let’s review them!

7 benefits of LED lights for your business

LED lights can provide your business with some benefits that can be hard to track or take into account because you can’t tag a price to it. However, they are still useful, and they are there for you to capitalize. These are some of them:

High color rendering index (CRI): This index tells how good a light source is in revealing colors compared with natural light. The higher the CRI is, the more similar it is to sunlight. For example, the LED high bay lights 5000k have over 80 CRI.

Produces almost no heat: Most LED lights emit less heat than other bulbs as they consist of diodes converting power into light, and also they come with heat sinks made out of aluminium.

Focused lightning: Depending on the type of bulb you choose, you can create spotlights or manage beams to target specific areas of your shop or business area.

Safe for the environment: LED lights can be safely disposed of, its sinks are crafted with recycled aluminium most of the time, and last longer reducing the demand for new bulbs along with the frequency you replace them.

Very versatile: LEDs come in several sizes, and luminescence capacity that can easily adapt to a wide range of lighting needs. You can either use them to light your office or your shop, workshop, garage, depot, and more.

Dimmers keep their efficiency: Since LEDs are power efficient, they get the most of the electric current to satisfy your lighting needs. They are a good fit if you want to offer a relaxed atmosphere to your clients.

Rebates available: Government and local municipalities run rebate programs for those business and commercial property owners that qualify for discounts on your LED investments. Find out more at

Are LEDs cheaper than other lighting options?

To answer this question, we have to compare LED costs against other ways to light your office or shop. To do our math, let’s take a regular incandescent bulb as our benchmark. Their average lifespan is 12000 hours, uses 60w, it’s price can be $1.00. For this exercise, we will assume they are turned on the whole day and night.
For a 60w incandescent equivalent LED light, you may have to pay $8.00, but they can last more than 25000 hours using less than 10w. If the power price is $0.12 per kWh for almost 3 years (25000 hours), you would need 21 regular bulbs and pay around $180.00 in electric bills.

Compare that against a LED light bulb. For 3 years of continuous lightning, you would only have to pay the up-front price plus $30.00 on your electric bills. That represents around 19% of the costs incurred when using incandescent bulbs. In other words, you save more than 80% on costs!