Is Live Chat Bots Marketing the Future of E-Commerce?


Bots are Everywhere

E-Commerce market is expanding very fast all over the world. They have to face a challenge of fulfilling the growing demands of their consumers. To meet the rising demand and expectations of buyers, it is critical to maintain connectivity with them. Chatbots are a fast, reliable and cost- effective way to meet the customer support expectation of buyers.

Bots are computer programs used to interact with humans, providing them with assistance and complete their tasks. A number of brands are using chat bots to enhance your online user experience and make your online commerce better. Many companies have incorporated bots for the purpose of helping their customers.

Providing great customer support is very important for all businesses. Providing customer service 24*7 is a challenge and also proves to be expensive. Companies use bots to solve this problem. Customers trust companies whose support teams are available at any given hour of any day. This also spread a positive word of mouth for the company.

Bots are Here to Stay

Voice search smart devices and artificial intelligence are getting popular and have exceeded expectations of marketers and consumers worldwide. More and more people, including children are opting for smart speakers. A combination of various technologies has changed the way people shop online. Integration of home appliances with artificial intelligence has provided great control over your home appliances. They have endless uses and possibilities.

Bots are Shaping the Future of Marketing

ECommerce companies have a huge inventory and consumers can find it difficult and time consuming to look for a particular item. The solution for this problem is chatbots as they can lead the customer to the thing they are looking for and save their time. Chatbots initiate a conversation with the website visitor and segregates interested customers.

Bots perform amazingly well when programmers add language processing and artificial intelligence to the bot’s workflow. Some companies use chatbots to schedule appointments or solve simple problems but human agent interaction is required as early as possible.

Blogs to Grow your Business

Good-looking, well-organized blog posts get an enormous amount of shares, on social media. Such sites have relevant content to grow businesses. Blogs maintained by an anonymous person or agency are popular to promote products and services. Blogging is a good way to build loyal relationships through helpful content.

Take your blog to the next level by making it a one stop resource for information about the company you are writing for. Anonymous blogs are here to connect data-content-customers to increase the sales. You must respond to comments. Not responding will mean that you don’t bother about what people have to say to you. A few months of solid, consistent content will get your blog followers.

You can earn through a successful anonymous blog, when people like, share or comment on your blogs.  When people write on anonymous blogs for brands, they answer basic questions of customers. It is an easy way to educate customers and create relationships with consumers through conversational marketing.

Selling your product is an art and so is telling a story. You can breathe life in to a website by selling products by telling stories on your blog. You can lay the foundation of writing content by writing on anonymous blog which will help you gain confidence in writing while maintaining anonymity. When you write anonymously, pursuing freelance blogging, you can make money from anonymous blogWhile you are working for a particular company you can write articles for other companies anonymously, just ensure to keep the content truthful or your readers will not trust you in future.

Are anonymous blogs harmful?

You may have thought of this several times while thinking of creating a blog. People assume that blogging anonymously means lying about yourself or creating a false image. Some bloggers share a lot about themselves only keeping their name and contact details safe. This enables the blog to have a personal touch, freedom to express and no worry about privacy issues.

Other anonymous bloggers don’t share anything about themselves. These kinds of blogs are strictly informational. How anonymous blogs work is that you have to create a separate email ID to register your blog. You will need to set up your anonymous social media profiles for your blog. Double check before posting an article for any details about yourself that you may have accidentally mentioned.

You may want to share your anonymous blog success with your friends and family, but if you want your blog to say anonymous don’t make that mistake. Also, don’t use anonymous blog for cyber bullying, scams etc.

Bots are still an emerging technology. They are becoming a staple in customer services and marketing. They do lack the experience and expertise of humans to truly deliver and anonymous blogs can help here.