Jason Michael Cutright.- Do you Hate Cold Calling in Business?


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Jason Michael Cutright..

About the interviewee 

Cutright Legal Consulting was founded by Jason Michael Cutright. Mr. Cutright has been involved in the medical / surgical field for 20 years. His involvement includes surgery, organ and tissue banking for transplantation and research, national trainer for a private biotechnology company, published peer reviewed scientific publication, academic science award winner, and has held director positions for a private practice spine institute and Foundation. He accomplished these feats at the University of Florida departments or Neuro Surgery and Pharmacology, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Privately held companies, and private practice medicine.

Tell me about your firm (number of employees, location, type of companies you work with, etc.).  

Currently there is just one employee, located at of Labelle Florida. Cutright Legal Consulting can review cases for any attorney in the country.
Cutright Legal Consulting is a firm devoted to providing consultation to Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury attorneys. Specifically, in the cases of surgical malpractice and personal injury spine claims causing life altering or life ending dispositions. The lists of services includes medical record and supporting documentation review, imaging and imaging report review, examination questions for opposing expert, a written case summary, and court room attendance to discredit opposing expert testimony in real time.
What type and size of companies do you have as clients?

I am cold calling law firms ranging from a single attorney to law firms with multiple attorneys and locations.

Tell us what you hate about cold calling?

Cold calling is basically a crap shoot. I am contacting attorney offices. I have been successful at getting the attention of the person answering the phone. However, what I do not like is the fact that I have yet to get a decision maker on the line. I am usually redirected to a message line. Sometimes they just take a message. The frustration sets in when there is no call back or email correspondence. The problem is that I find myself selling my services to the gate keeper and it passes but the person that I need to be selling to seem to always be unreachable. At times I think that I would stand a better chance of cold calling the White House and getting president Obama on the phone.
Is cold calling necessary in your business? If so, why?  

Cold calling is definitely necessary for my consulting firm. I must attempt to obtain a meeting with the decision maker to use my services. In the modern age of the internet marketing and traditional advertising the only way to know for sure if my potential clients have heard about me is if I reach out to them via phone call. I firmly believe that even if I can drop a bug in the ear of a potential client that does not need my services today, they will think of me in the future when the opportunity does arise. Then hopefully they will have my contact information and come to me first before searching out a competitor by chance. Even though rejection is the number one statistic for cold calls, there is no better way to get your name out there.

What are some effective ways you have developed to avoid cold calling?

I obviously cannot call every attorney in the United States, so I have resorted to an aggressive SEO campaign for my website, writing articles for online law websites, agreeing to be the subject matter for articles like this one, and creating a general email and sending it to prospective clients directly. I firmly believe getting your name out there, by any means necessary, is the name of the game.

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