Key Effective Ways to Keep Track of Your Customers


Collecting and acting upon your customer feedback is a crucial step towards ensuring your business products and services sell. You want to know how your customers are taking to your products or services. To get the maximum sales from your business, you want to have all the facts right. And your customers are the best bet to get all the information to make that happen. Keeping track of your customers is the only way you ensure to provide them with the products they are more likely to buy. There are many ways you can use to make sure you don’t ghost your clients. The holidays offer the best opportunities for business owners to keep in touch with their clients. As a business you can utilize this Christmas season by sending all your clients engineering Christmas cards and thanking them for their loyalty.

Otherwise, you may think you are making a large profit and racking sales with your business only to find out none of your customers are buying your products or using your services.

Ensuring your business keeps track of its customers is essential as it is this customer feedback that will let the business owner know to make informed decisions for the business. For every business, the customer matters and even comes first, so keeping track of your customers will work in your favor. in most instances, this influence every business’s product roadmap for the betterment and growth of the business. This article has, thus, set up key important ways you can always keep track of your customers.

  1. Set up an alert on your customers

Think of this as a predator keeping track of its prey. Businesses can look at customers as potential food that needs monitoring. The more you know about your business customers, the better you will know what your customers need from you and your business. There are plenty of tools and equipment you can use to track your customers or even competitors. You only need to pick one tool that works best for your business. Google Alerts or TalkWalker are excellent choices.

  1. Customer feedback surveys

This may be the most widely used method for most businesses. And with good reason as businesses get to be more personal with their customers. Crafting a great customer survey can be a daunting task for most businesses. There are hundreds of questions you can ask your customers. You should, however, be careful in how you approach your customers with these questions. Businesses can always ask their customers simple questions using simple online tools or conducting brief polls while trying to generate responses from the customers. The only downside here is that the customers you get these feedbacks from must be active for you to get any kind of response from them.

To create a god customer survey that works, one that your customers fill and complete, you need to ensure you follow the guidelines stated below:

  • Ask one question at a time
  • Ask only the questions that meet your end goal
  • Make your rating scales consistent
  • Ask smart, open-ended questions
  • Avoid asking leading or loaded questions


  1. Exploratory customer interviews

This is another excellent customer tracking approach and great for getting feedback from your customers. It is one of the best customer tracking and interacting approached as you get to talk to your customers directly, thus, get first-hand information from the interviews. This approach also helps fill in any gaps that other less personal methods fail to meet.

  1. Show some PR love

To track and interact more with your customers, you also want to try an indirect approach like content marketing. You can kill two birds with one stone using this method as you can even include your customers in sharing tips, strategies, and advice for your inbound marketing. This ensures more interaction between your business and customers and allows you to track where you are with our customers. This way, both the business and the customer can get some important information about content marketing boost. Your customers also feel appreciated and respected enough to be featured in your business blog or video which will automatically improve their bond with your business.

  1. Comment boxes

Business that are dedicated to track and monitor their customer’s online moves like what they are interested in, what they are buying, and stuff like that know the importance of customer interaction. Some businesses have benefited from this by creating comment boxes on their websites and affiliate network . Comment boxes allow businesses to get feedbacks from their customers and that also allows the business to track its customers. You do not want to put too much hopes in this strategy for the first few weeks or months. But it slowly picks up and soon, you have an insightful platform where the customer can communicate with the business. Plus, the business does not need any employee monitoring of these pages. You will not even interrupt your customer as he/she continues browsing the pages.

  1. Social media

Social media is the listening post for all businesses looking to keep tabs on their customers and know more about them. Most people post almost all aspects of their lives on social media these days. From there, it is easy for a business to gather important information and data regarding the customers and use it to make more products and services that the customer will more likely buy. Your business can organize for a poll on some highly popular social media networks and use the data to better the business products or services.

  1. Instant feedback from the business official website

At other times, you may prefer waiting for your clients to interact with your business first before you can track them. And your official website is the best place to do that as from here, you can collect instant customer feedback from how he/she interacts with your platform. The customer does not even need to answer questions here. And you can make things juicier by including one or two of the other customer tracking methods like including comment boxes.

Final thoughts

Tracking your customers and getting their feedback on how they view your products or services matters a lot. If you care enough to track and interact with your customers to find out what they are struggling with regarding your business products or services, it is easy for you to fix the issue. Better you ask and know what is not going right for your business and fix it than stay silent and watch as your business plunges into oblivion.