Learn to Tip Your Movers Properly



When you deal with professionals, tipping is a common instinct because it shows your gratitude and pleasure from experience of cooperation. When you deal with professional movers it is a common feeling that you need to tip them, but most frequently people have no idea how much it is considered to be normal in the moving industry and in what way they can do so. This article will give you a way to show your movers how much you appreciate their work in a proper way.

One of the most annoying clichés that exist in the industry is that movers do not accept tips. People see movers as ordinary workers without thinking of how much hard work and professionalism it actually requires. But Calgary movers explain that every worker goes through special training and them advances his or her knowledge to proceed further, so they encourage people to revise their attitude and consider saying ‘thank you’, or getting lunch to all of them, or simply giving some money at the end of the day.

Of course, just like in any other field the amount of tips paid should rely on the performance you receive and your personal feeling after the cooperation. For instance, if the crew shows a bad attitude or some indifferent work habits then you do not have to pay them anything at all. If, however, you liked the way movers did their job, they were nice and attentive, their service was really helpful and professional, then you can definitely give whatever you believe is fair.

Most frequently movers in Calgary do not expect to be tipped but will always appreciate your gesture should it occur. When you tip moves you basically demonstrate that you recognized their effort and considered it to be worthy.

Below you can find several tips on how to make your movers’ work easier and show your appreciation.

  • You know that carrying heavy things is not easy so some water will always be in hand for your workers.
  • If you are short on money and cannot afford money tips for your crew, Calgary movers advise cooking some lunch to them because it is considered to be perfectly fine in the industry.
  • Should you have money for real money tips, here is a small piece of information about the traditions of the industry. In general there is no fixed sum of money that you need to pay and percentages do not work here either. If you have a half-day move then $10 should be enough, for a full-day move movers in Calgaryadvise offering $20 per person. For complicated cases with heavy pieces of furniture or anything else you can definitely add some money.
  • And the final tip is to give money (if this is you case) to each of the movers’ crew separately instead of just giving a lump sum to the foreman. This is a way to show that you have seen each of them and appreciate their work. And this is a great way to make sure that the foreman will not take all the money to him or herself.