Legal Gun Defense Memberships Offer the Firearm Community Peace of Mind


Extreme Caution and Due Diligence is Required or Defenders Could Wind Up in Prison

Fort Worth, Texas (April 12, 2017) – Across the nation, Americans are arming up, getting trained, and in some states where licenses are required, getting a license to carry or conceal firearms for their own personal protection.  Individuals and families, realize that the police cannot be everywhere and when seconds count, bullets down range matter most against car jacker(s), home invader(s), raper(s), and killer(s).

Supreme CourtMembership services have popped up offering a promise of coverage that will protect members with the use of a gun; however, many have very restrictive coverages that can actually allow for the membership to deny coverage of their members.

“We have found a lot of competing services promise the moon to their members, but when you look at their terms and conditions and fee structures, the coverage is not what most think they have,” says Larry Keilberg of the National Association for Legal Gun Defense or

A few things to consider:

  • Will your membership litigate to the Supreme Court if necessary?
  • Will you ever come out of pocket for your protection?
  • Is there a processing fee to become a member and where does that money go?
  • Is your gun instructor getting compensated to refer you to a service?
  • Are you covered in all 50 states and if not, do you have to pay extra?
  • Are you covered on any weapon you may use and is a license required?
  • What other costs are covered? (Many do not cover expert witnesses, forensic labs, missing work, bail, court costs, toxic clean-up, appeals, etc.)
  • Is your service comprised of litigation attorneys or plea bargain attorneys?

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