Looking For a Job Where You Can Travel Around and Not Be Tied Down To An Office Desk


Some of us dream of having a job where you wake up each morning and feel as though it is the start of another great adventure. No two days will ever be the same. Who wants the monotonous routine of travelling into a commuter packed train each morning, heading to the city, and staring at a computer screen all day long, looking out of the grey office window longingly, yearning for more excitement in your life? Well, there are other careers you could pursue instead. It is never too late!

Here are some examples of jobs where you get the opportunity to travel.


Flight Attendant

This is typically the first profession you think of if you have dreams of travelling the world. It might not be glamorous all the time dealing with disgruntled customers on a flight and delayed flights or bad weather, but you will still get the opportunity to fly to many destinations and build up a close-knit family with your flying colleagues. Benefits would include discounted flights for you and your family to anywhere in the world.


Travel Agent

You would think that with many people using the internet to book their holidays that travel agents would not be that common now, but they are still prominent. You would need to be knowledgeable in the travel industry and ideally have experience travelling so that you could provide excellent customer service to your clients and be able to advise them accordingly.


Become a Travel Nurse

If you dream of nurturing others in their hour of need and have a caring demeanor then perhaps becoming a nurse is ideal for you. When there was a shortage of nurses, Travel nursing became popular as they were needed to cover necessary temporary shifts and were deployed to various areas across the country. Look to AB Staffing Solutions to find out more about Travel nursing opportunities. Typically, you would join a staffing agency and then they would inform you of any job opportunities that arise. Medical background would be essential.


International Aid Worker

If money is not the main issue and you just want to make a difference in the world and help those less fortunate than perhaps becoming an International Aid Worker is ideal for you. You could get the opportunity to work for worldwide charities and visit countries where famine and war is rife. Ideally you would have a background in social services and health. You would need to be prepared to work long tiring days in difficult conditions.

Join the Military

If you feel the Patriotic urge and have good fitness levels, then perhaps a career in the military is for you. You could become an active soldier assigned to duties abroad, or if you prefer a non-combative role there are also other areas within this field that could be fulfilled such as aviation, engineering, intelligence, law, chef, and scientific opportunities.