Meet Terry Loving, Chief Possibility Officer of Loving Marketing


Terry Loving, CPO (Chief Possibility Officer) of Loving Marketing.


Tell us about your business.

Loving refers to herself as a “Visibility Guru” because essentially, she works to make websites visible to the public.

“I used to do a lot of websites, and now I do social media marketing for people starting up a website. I help them get traffic to their site. I’m kind of a coach. I help strategize and set up the social media marketing piece that would work best for them after their website is up.”


What makes your company a leader in your industry?

“I have been doing this for quite a while. I started out way back in the 90’s when computers were first being introduced into the schools here in the Seattle area, and nobody wanted a computer! Having a computer meant spending your own money to learn how it worked, and so teachers weren’t learning how to use the technology.”

So, Loving went around each of the rooms at the school where she worked and asked if she could have their computer to create a computer lab her science classroom.

“I learned all of the techy stuff, and it became my mission to take care of the stuff that happens behind the scenes when someone is launching a website, so they could have the freedom to be the star. I’ve transferred that mission into the podcast piece as well because so many people are listening to podcasts these days and podcasts are an easy way to get your message out there. They’ve actually been around for a really long time. They come in and out of popularity, and now more than ever, we have so many different ways to listen to them. Essentially, I help people get started inexpensively, see if they can make the commitment to do a regular podcast, and then I do the management aspect of their site once I get them on their way.”


Who or what has influenced you?

“I’m a teacher at heart and I just love to help people.”


What has been the biggest challenge in growing your business?

“For me, the biggest challenge has been focusing. I am curious, and I love so many of the pieces that make up what I do, so I end up doing too much. I’m learning to limit what I do so that everything I do gets my undivided attention and I’m producing the best results I possibly can.”


What words of advice do you have for others looking to grow their business?

“I really believe in the possibility of delegating the tasks at hand in order to grow a business. Everyone needs a general understanding of how to operate the business, how to grow it, and all of the components that go into that. However, not everyone needs to know about everything. A business needs to know how to delegate specific tasks to experts within the business that will produce the big picture results. Everyone should know their individual role in the business so that tasks get done efficiently and produce positive results. Create a well-functioning team.”


What key qualities do you look for in team members?

“Self-starters. I’m looking for people that will really help my clients excel and grow their business once they have an understanding of the goal.”


What contributions have you made or are willing to make towards the world?

“I like being a midwife to ideas. I enjoy connecting people who have brilliant ideas to other people with brilliant ideas. I like to help people move forward by making really good connections. Recently, I have taken on the role of community chairperson for Linked Seattle on LinkedIn, the largest Seattle business group of 55,000 members, and it has been such an exciting adventure for me because I am getting to meet amazing people doing fantastic things and helping them connect to others.”


What has been your biggest success with Loving Marketing?

“I love the networking piece of what I do. I love seeing the light go off in people’s eyes when they realize they can do something that they didn’t think they could in order to grow their business. People tend to have a limited view of what their business could be doing and I love to be able to expand that vision.”


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Contributed by: Super Julie Braun Written/Edited By: Alexandria Rae Martinez, PR Agent