Newsworthy Influencers Now Have Fast Track Access to Media


It is not unusual to turn on the news and see people on — as authorities — who appear to have nothing to offer readers, listeners, and viewers.  How do they get on with bringing so little to the conversation?

It appears access to the media is arbitrary and the effort to become an influential voice in media takes a long time and is always fragile.  Now, USA Business Radio, in conjunction with several news partners, is providing a turnkey means for people to become the authority in their industries.

You Must Qualify to Participate

Services like this are few and far between.  Most of them are very expensive “pay for play” opportunities, or on low quality platforms that do not care about the actual quality of your content.  This service is very different.  This is for individuals who are serious about being thought leaders and carries exclusive and important content.  Our sites have exclusive interviews

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the biggest selling financial book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad

Netflix celebrity and multi-time National Football Champion Coach, Buddy Stephens

Rep. Kevin Brady, ranking member of the most powerful Committee in Congress

A best selling author and economist, talking about protectionism

A legendary broadcaster remembers the 1968 Democratic National Convention