One Liability Is Better Than Many



It is the age when everyone is busy in earning to make both end meat. Time is short, but needs of life are way beyond the reach. Keeping ready cash for every single need is tough. Getting loan becomes inevitable most of the times. But we will have to be watchful while getting in debt because it can mar our future and the peace of life if you miscalculated our resources or mismanaged things at any stage.

Mismanagement of loans is a common thing. No one is the financial expert here, so it’s hard to manage debts for everyone. This mismanagement of loans may have some adverse effects on your life for example:

  • Bad Credit History
  • Defaulter Status and Blacklisting
  • Hypertension and Depression
  • Bad Reputation in society

To avoid such circumstances, it is advisable to avoid loans at first instance if you can. But if getting a loan is inevitable then you will have to be careful. Take the advice of some wise person or some expert so you may not agree to the terms and conditions which shouldn’t be accepted. Get loans from only from some authentic source and institute. Duly read all the documents before agreeing and signing them.

Let’s Talk about Consolidation Loan

If there comes the time when you have various debts on you, and it’s becoming hard to repay them all, then you should not be worried. It’s always a good idea to take expert advice. When such situation comes, most of the experts suggest consolidation of debts. This term may be new for you but if you are in financial crisis due to various loans and then consolidation of loans may help you in getting back in life. Let’s discuss more consolidation loans.

A consolidation loan is simply a loan which is enough to repay other debts. The main purpose of a consolidation loan is to get rid of many small debts and to take one bigger debt. In other words, one liability is better than many small liabilities. It seems odd, but there are many logical reasons to support this step.

Example Explains Better

Let me explain this with some example so you may get the idea that what you get in the form of the consolidation loan. Let’s suppose Mr. X owes USD 500 to Mr. A, USD 250 to Mr. B, USD 1500 to Mr. C, USD 750 to Mr. D. Mr. X is poor enough to repay the debts in full, so he agreed with the creditors to pay in installments. Now when the first week of the month comes, Mr. X gets worried about the installment of Mr. A, and in the second week, there comes the due date of Mr. B and then in next week Mr. C and then Mr. D. Hence whole month passes in the tension of due dates of installments. Now, how Mr. X can minimize his tension? A consolidation loan is the best solution, so Mr. X contact Mr. Z and ask him to lend him USD 3000 and they agree at the lower interest rate as well because of the amount it big. Now Mr. X got USD 3000 from Mr. Z and paid all his debts. Now Mr. X doesn’t need to be worried whole month rather he will worry about only one due date, and due to the lesser rate of interest, he will be paying the lesser amount.

So now, you might have a clear idea what magic can be done with the consolidation loan.