Protecting Your Motoring Investment


Motor cars are an essential part of everyday life, and they provide a significant contribution to the American economy, from the people who design and market them, to the factory workers assembling them, and those who work selling or maintaining them. More than six million cars were sold in the United States in 2017, and for many buyers the purchasing of a car is the largest investment they make, outside of real estate. That’s why it’s important to protect your motoring investment from potential threats, including theft, road traffic accidents, or reckless driving.

The Latest Anti-Theft Solutions

Motor cars are more technologically sophisticated than they’ve ever been, especially in the premium car sector. The high price tag associated with these cars, however, can make them an obvious target for expert car thieves. However much your car cost, protecting it from theft will be one of your major concerns. The vehicle security market is growing rapidly, and is predicted to be worth in excess of ten billion dollars worldwide by 2021. Much of this expansion comes from innovative solutions to the age-old problem of car theft, such as remote keyless entry and biometric technology that may be linked to smartphones. Utilizing the latest technological advances can help you stay one step ahead of car thieves.

Preventing Collisions and Accidents

Even the most experienced and safe of drivers can become involved in a road traffic accident if they meet a driver who is paying less attention to the road than they really should be. This can cause damage to the car, resulting in a sizable repair bill, as well as leading to an increased motor insurance premium. Thankfully, as cars become increasingly automated, their advanced computerized systems can detect potential problems and take appropriate action quicker than a human driver can react. Crash prevention systems can include blind spot detection and forward collision warning, but the most effective system of all is Automatic Emergency Braking which can slow or stop a car if it senses that a collision is imminent.

Ignition Interlocking

Reckless driving can bring catastrophic results, and the most reckless of all such acts is driving under the influence. Men and women who are convicted of driving while drunk may receive a ban from driving and/or a fine, but many courts are now requiring such people to blow into a breathalyzer device before they can start their car. Ignition interlock systems, such as those provided by industry experts Low Cost Interlock, measure the blood alcohol level of a driver and prevent the car from starting until the reading reaches a legal level. It’s a modern safety measure that is also being installed in many company cars, and can protect drivers, cars and pedestrians.

Modern motor cars are a great way to reach your destination, so it’s important that we give them all the protection we can from the threats they face, including theft, collision, and being driven by those unfit to do so. The innovative solutions to these threats are transforming the way we drive, and they are also creating a new boom sector of the automobile industry.