Reasons for Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer


Some reports claim the crime rate in the United States has decreased. However, statistics show that about 10.7 million Americans were imprisoned throughout 2018.

If you’re charged with a crime, you should be well-prepared to defend your case. The justice system allows you to have legal representation, so you must hire a criminal lawyer. 

You may think that it’ll cost a lot of money, but that’s nothing compared to the sentences you might face depending on the severity of your offense:

  • the death penalty
  • prison term
  • probation 
  • fines
  • paying compensation to the victim

When hiring a lawyer, experience is of paramount importance. As Thomas C. Grajek, Attorney At Law, suggests that you choose someone who has tried cases as a criminal defense attorney.

Here are more reasons why you should do everything necessary to get an expert to represent you in court.

Knowledge of the Judicial System

The judicial system is complex, to say the least, especially to someone with no legal education. You’ll need an experienced defense lawyer who understands the complicated court processes and can prepare the necessary paperwork. 

An attorney who has in-depth knowledge of the law knows how to use the law in your best interests. If there are weaknesses in your case, your lawyer will find a way to keep them from being used against you in court.

Has Rapport with Prosecutors

An attorney who’s been handling criminal cases for years would have an amicable relationship with prosecutors. They may be adversaries in court but can have mutual respect for one another. 

This professional rapport and knowledge of the prosecutor’s tactics can help your lawyer to negotiate a plea bargain for you.

Skilled at Examining Evidence

There are instances when evidence has not been legally acquired, and an experienced defense lawyer can identify those and have them thrown out.

When prosecutors present witnesses who exaggerate the facts, your attorney knows how to deal with the testimonies to make sure they’re not damaging to your case.

Works With a Team

An established criminal defense lawyer usually has a support team. Most law firms also hire private investigators, expert witnesses, and medical professionals to provide more vital evidence for your case.

Protects Your Future

Being accused of a criminal offense can dramatically affect your life and future. If proven guilty, you could be incarcerated for years or pay exorbitant sums of money if fines and penalties. You’ll also end up with a police record which will impact your ability to seek employment.

Depending on the severity of your case, a defense attorney with years of experience can get your charges reduced or dropped and penalties lessened. In addition, you may have your conviction set aside and removed from your record.

Final Word

Everyone’s primary concern when hiring a lawyer is what it’ll cost. While it’s true that criminal defense lawyers don’t come cheaply, you’ve seen the benefits of having expert legal representation. The financial aspect doesn’t compare to the impact a conviction can have on your future.