Revolutionary Times Require Revolutionary Tips for Success in New Work World


By Mary Ann Faremouth,

Employment has changed!  Everyone is having to adapt quickly to the New Work World brought on by COVID-19 as well as other economic challenges for businesses and individuals. It is truly a revolutionary time for changing jobs and changing attitudes as new skill levels are required to accommodate the new workplace environment. Candidates are required to update their skill sets,  repurpose their experiences, and reformat their resumes in order to market themselves more effectively in this new work environment. No one has had the luxury of waiting until the “right time.”  The time is NOW and it is urgent!

And now, just in time, author/recruiter Mary Ann Faremouth has written another award-winning book entitled Revolutionary Reinvention Workbook. This book was released in December of 2020 and immediately garnered a first place award in TAIH’s (Texas Institute of History) in the Non-Fiction/Business category. This workbook is an important addition to her first award-winning book Revolutionary Recruiting  (2017). Both books have made a dramatic impact in the New Work World by helping candidates globally embrace the changes in the job market. Her books utilize her unique 5-step method toward helping job seekers identify their hidden strengths and passions and applying that knowledge to the changed work world.
 Revolutionary Recruiting outlines her five-step method of a unique and holistic approach designed for job-seekers during these challenging times to find the right job. This important book was released in 2017 as the result of the author’s own frustrating experience involving a close friend in a wrong job and her inability to help the friend find the right job. This book was borne out of her more than 30 years’ experience as a respected and effective recruiter during which time she developed her own unique method of matching applicants to the right jobs. She has helped applicants discover their unidentified skills in order to secure jobs that would satisfy their needs and match their skills, thus making the candidates more content and increasing their job longevity. She has also helped clients alter their perspectives to guide them into seeing themselves differently and ultimately finding a satisfying job match.
This new publication is a workbook sequel to her book and was only recently released in December 2020, a work tool designed to enable the candidate to go more in-depth and ultimately result in a personalized plan for discovering the right career in this New Work World. Both books are designed not just for employment but for every facet of one’s life. Both books are tools that are quite adaptable to discovering the best version of one’s self with a solid step-by-step plan to achieve success. The book and workbook complement each other by helping candidates overcome limitations and discover their potential through self actualization.  The result is designed to help candidates discover the possibilities of alternate choices.  Her writing reaches through the pages to reveal her passion for life, enthusiasm, and optimism for helping others find a better way.
Revolutionary Recruiting has received four awards, including the Reader’s Choice Award in 2019 given by the Houston Literary Award committee, and #1of the 100 Best Recruiting Books by Book Authority. Mary Ann also writes articles for other national platforms and has been recognized for other fiction and nonfiction writing. Revolutionary Recruiting was also included in a list of the 20 best books on recruiting, marketing, and employment by Recruitics, a global recruiting and marketing group in November 2019.  Their website is 20 books on this list were selected to fast track candidates to businesses in the New Work World.
Mary Ann Faremouth is a national recruiter, speaker, and author who resides in Houston.  She is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and a board member of NASPD (National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors) and Authors Marketing Guild.  You can learn more about Mary Ann at