Shortcuts on getting Instagram Likes From Facebook and YouTube


Well is it tough to get Instagram likes from other platforms? There are some platforms which have a bigger base than Instagram and therefore they have a good lot of followers too.

Which are those platforms? Well two them are the big names Facebook and YouTube.

You might have used them and a lot of people use them nowadays.

So, is there a way of getting likes from those two platforms? You might have thought about it, but did you then succeed in getting what you wanted? I guess you couldn’t make it possible and therefore I will help you in making it possible and getting more likes. I will bring an end to your long, tiring run.

The first step is to buy Instagram likes


When you will buy Instagram likes, there will be a good number in the followers count and people will certainly get attracted to it. People usually do not consider paid likes something good, but all is fair if it comes to think of it as business. In this case, finding the perfect source to buy likes from would become the number-one goal. The today’s Internet is erupting with various dealers that offer paid digital marketing services, but the poor quality products of most of them would cast only negative effect on your account and most likely would ruin all your plans. Here we have to warn you to choose wisely from many or just visit one of the most rated dealers known and get your increase with Instagram likes from them.

What you can do after that is, share your post on Facebook and either you can create a video related to your work or you can post the same photo over YouTube, as it is possible for channel owners.

After that, you can announce that you have organized a contest over Instagram and for participating, people will have to go to your YouTube channel and like that picture or they will have to visit your Facebook profile and like your shared post. They will have to do so, along with liking your Instagram post too. And apart from that, they will also have to share that content with their friends and followers.

In this way, when they will spread your post and YouTube channel to their friends, their friends will like your content and they will be directed towards your Instagram handle. And with the hope of winning they will also like your Instagram posts, etc.

It will be a benefit for your as you will see a growth in the number of followers.

What’s next?


Now you might be thinking that is there a need to do organize a contest, every time?

No, certainly not. It’s a one-time investment. When people will get familiar to your Facebook and YouTube accounts, they will regularly watch your content and will keep liking it. You can be a smart guy and put the link of your account on Facebook and in YouTube description.

Apart from that, the other technique is that after buying Instagram likes, you will attract brands and you can work with them for marketing their products, etc.

What you can do is you can ask them, to feature your Instagram post link at their Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Very quickly, the audience will get directed towards your account and not only you will get the money from the brand, which will be your income, but you will also end up getting a lot of followers and a lot of likes.

Therefore, buying Instagram likes can be very beneficial for your growth.