Showing our True Colors through Genuine Engagement


The electricity industry is an exciting field (at least, we think so) but like any exciting thing, it comes with its fair share of drama. For us, this is mainly in the form of a very competitive market. A lot of our competitors seem to engage in contests for who can say “pick me!” the loudest or have the shiniest offer, but we feel like this can be a bit overwhelming and not very genuine. Game shows and contests are fun and all, but they don’t feel right in real life.

One of our most prized (no pun intended) attributes is our customer service, specifically our real-life love for talking with people. Instead of being the loudest or shiniest, we decided to show people who we are deep down and show them what they would be working with if they chose us as their electricity provider.

Our primary way of expressing ourselves is through engaging our customers and our community. We share our passions and personalities by going out into the community to talk with people face to face, sharing our love for pets, and doing various other things to connect with and engage people. One form of connection that we really enjoy is social media. On our pages we are able to post and share things that really excite us and bring a lot of engagement. One of our favorite things to do is to hold contests for the fun occasions that happen every season.

Engagement has been a great way for us to connect with people and invite them into our world, but our love for it goes back to who we are: we love to talk to and interact with people. The fun things we like to do when interacting with our community come from a very genuine place within our company, and we believe that is the best way to get attention.


Brilliant Energy