Solaborate’s HELLO device and its massive potential to revolutionize the professional world


What is your title?

Labinot Bytyqi, CEO and Founder of Solaborate.

Please, tell us about Solaborate.

Solaborate was founded in 2014. “When I left the corporate world, the mission was really simple. ‘How do we provide professionals with all the tools and services to help them be more productive and successful?’”

Solaborate provides the means and tools to manage day to day life in the professional world. Solaborate focuses on professional networking, collaboration and facilitation. Solaborate also has a life cycle management application. With the app, individuals can post and manage every aspect of a project. Solaborate has over 50 employees right now. These employees are designers, developers, and engineers.

Always looking to help companies become more successful, Solaborate created the HELLO device which transforms any television into an elaborate cross-platform communication device. HELLO is a voice-controlled smart-home or office-device for video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, security surveillance with motion detection and more. Via HDMI, one can wirelessly share any content on their television.

What makes Solaborate the leader in its industry?

“When you talk about productivity, there is nothing all together in one place. We bring the uniqueness of providing these tools and services to our users that no one else is offering.”

What contributions have you made towards the world?

“We make people more productive every day. Balancing the work life.. balance in general is very important to me. This is how the whole idea of HELLO was born.”

What has influenced you to become who you are today?

Bytyqi’s experience in the corporate world gave him a lot of the necessary skills that he need to continue his career and get to where he is today. The CEO notes that “my entrepreneur spirit developed over time.”

What key qualities do you look for in your team?

“We are looking for people who are cultured and flexible. Nothing is black and white. There needs to be an understanding that priorities shift on the startup. Team play is very important to me as well. We understand that when we stick together as a team, we can achieve pretty much everything.”

Words of advice:

“Believe in what you do. Stick to it. Don’t prolong it. Whatever you do, do it quick. Fail fast, fail quickly, improve. Then move on.”

Take a look at the HELLO Kickstarter, which has been flourishing.


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Contributed by: Super Julie Braun

Interviewed/Written by: Savanna McKellar, Senior PR Agent