Sports Shopping: Here is What you Need to Know About Shin Guards


Shopping for shoes is something that most men are unhappy about.  The whole experience is dreaded, especially when it is time to replace an old and worn out sports shoe. However, finding the perfect shoe is an added advantage for any athlete out there. Whether you are buyinga running shoe, a basketball shoe or a soccer shoe, comfort is something that you cannot compromise on.

One of the most important features of a good sport shoe is the shin guard. If you are a sports enthusiast, then you know how important shin guards are. If not, shin guards are protective equipment used to minimize injuries to players’ lower legs. For sports like soccer, shin guards are a must-have before playing. In fact, a player cannot be allowed in the field without shin guards on.

Therefore, it is mandatory for a soccer player to have a pair of shin guards. And because shopping for shin guards is not as exciting as most of you might think, here are some shopping tips for you to think through. Read carefully and make your athletic career a safer one by choosing the best shin guards.

  • Find the right size

Just like it is when buying sports shoes, it is also essential that you find the right size of shin guards. Therefore, measure your leg beforehand. Mind you, a wrong size shin guard will impede your overall performance as well as increase the chances of you getting an injury. As we all know, physical impact is something you cannot run away from as a soccer player and for that reason, every player must observe every possible measure that guarantees safety.


  • Find the right style

There are two popular styles of shin guards that a soccer player can buy; slip in shin guards, and ankle shin guards. For slip in shin guards, the guard slips over your shin like a sock. And although this style of shin guards guarantees you a wide range of motion,  it offers less protection.


On the other hand, ankle shin guards come with a protective plate that is secured around the shin and a padding that is fastened around the ankle. This style of shin guard is best for first timers or younger players as it is designed to offer maximum protection.


  • Do a physical test

Before making a choice, try out a number of shin guards. First and foremost, ensure that you securely place the shin guards on your legs, then try running and walking in them. If they do not feel comfortable, try out another pair until you find one that feels right. In addition to this, you can try kicking an imaginary ball just to be sure that it is okay to wear them to a game.


  • Get recommendations from fellow players

This is especially if you are a first timer. Fact is, there are players who have been playing for quite a while and their recommendations will for sure be of great help. But as much as you get advice from fellow players, remember that you are the one who will be wearing those shin guards. So ensure they feel right just for you.

Lastly, poor-quality shin guards mean less protection and so do damaged shin guards. Always ensure that your shin guards are in good condition before getting in the field.