Stop Consumables Costs Ruining Your Profits – Read This


Keeping control of the finances in any business can be tough, especially for small businesses and any advice on this can be useful.  A good way to save money is to cut the cost of your consumables budget. Consumables are things that are needed for the business to run and are used up quickly. Think fuel, small scale equipment and paper as good examples. As they are used up quickly and have to be often replaced, they can end up costing you a fortune. Read on for some advice on how to reduce these costs.


Electronic Consumables


Firstly, as most business use computers, the range of electronic consumables has risen in the last ten years. Graphic Designers, Artists and Programmers will all need these items. Your computer itself isn’t a consumable as it should last you a few years, which makes it more of a durable item. Electronic consumables include smaller stuff like laptop stands and mice.


Although it is quick and easy to just use your regular office supplier for these purchases, you must compare prices. Make sure that you compare prices across at least three different providers to get the best deal. You will see that there can be a significant difference from one supplier to the next. This can be quicker to do by phone, that trawling around each company’s website.

Fuel and power






Whatever sort of business you are running you will need to consider the costs of fuel and energy consumables. It’s easy to waste power by having air conditioning and heating on when it’s not necessary. The same goes for turning the lights out when you leave.


If you have a larger fuel, need than a basic office you may be running industrial, plant or marine equipment. If so it is essential that you choose the right fuel for the job. Some nonroad going plant can be run on Red Diesel rather than white, which can make you a significant saving. Also, if you are using Marine Gas Oil, make sure you have the right category for the job. There is no point using a higher grade, when a lower cheaper one would do. This is complicated by the fact that different companies have different names for their marine gas oil categories. Therefore, it is best to talk to your sales advisor before purchasing.


Materials need for work


Another large cost connected with consumables is the materials that you need to complete the job. This is anything physical. Think of components if you are creating a product or construction and landscaping supplies if you are building something.



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While there are saving to be had with these sorts of consumables, it is prudent to test the quality before using them. You do not want the quality of your work to suffer, because of cost cutting. Before you go for an inferior product, try to negotiate a better rate for bulk buys from your regular provider. This should allow you to save money, and keep the quality of your work to a high standard.