The Best Noise Control and Soundproofing Investments for Your Business Space


We are living in a world where exposure to all sorts of noises is the norm. From low, medium to high frequency noises, we continually find ourselves in disturbing environments. Outdoor noise from aircrafts, dogs barking and people talking denies us that peaceful and quiet environment that everyone longs for.

If someone lives in a quiet environment back at home, the last thing they want to encounter is a heckling atmosphere at your workplace. If they persevere long enough to entertain one session, they will most probably not come back. No one wants to lose important customers in such a reckless way. Luckily, there are proven practical and economical solutions that can keep you off the worry of a noisy business atmosphere. The choice of commercial noise control measure depends on the atmosphere and personal preferences. So what are some of the best options available in the market today?

Soundproof operable walls

Also known as operable partitions, these overheard-supported flexible wall panels are great for maximizing the available space while reducing noise interference. They achieve the objective of providing noise and sound barriers. With the best designed operable partitions, you can forget all about noise interference in conference rooms and accommodation facilities. Just be sure to choose a product packed with artisanship, solid performance and ideal materials.

Soundproof folding partitions

They are great options for controlling noise in small or large commercial setups. Depending on your needs, the partitions can be customised to fit your opening. It does not have to be the other way round. Opt for something with an unmatchable design statement and quality performance.

Floor underlayment

People walking in and out of offices can serve as great sources of distraction. You can save your employees the trouble of tolerating noise from 5’’ heels by using soundproofing floor solutions. Well-designed underlayment guarantees sound isolation between the sub floor and the floor covering. The ease of installation and aesthetic aspect make this a good choice of noise control. The choice of material, whether wood hard floor or tile hard floor, will depend on your preferences.

Embrace acoustic solutions

For industries using noisy equipment, such equipment can be enclosed in room bearing special acoustic features. For instance, acoustic louvres, sealed windows and sound isolating features can help reduce noise disturbance in nearby rooms. The level of quietness achieved is largely dependent on the noise reduction properties of the acoustic material used in modifying the room.

In some cases, only the individual equipment is enclosed in which the enclosure can be partial or total. Partial enclosure is particularly important in cases where workers operate the machine regularly. This is also necessary for maintenance purposes. Acoustic barriers can also serve as convenient solutions. These panels minimize noise interference from the source of noise to the workers nearby.

Ultimately, the choice of noise control measure depends on your environment and industrial needs. Just be sure to opt for a product that will not only serve your needs but also those of relevant stakeholders in the commercial space.