The Best Practices in Customer Service: First in a Series: Larry M. Weinstein, CPA


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, recently interviewed Accountant Larry Weinstein, CPA about what he does to show customer appreciation.

1) Tell me about your firm (number of employees, location, type of companies you work with, etc.).

Larry M Weinstein, CPA sole practitioner, Houston, Texas, since 1988, working with business owners and professionals offering higher end tax planning and preparation, helping them keep more of their hard earned money in their pockets, rather than the governments!!! Also I have a specialty working with taxpayers who have gotten in some type of problem with the IRS, helping them get a satisfactory solution and getting letting taxpayers get their lives back.

2) How do you demonstrate that your customers are appreciated?

Sending them a gift when they join my “practice family”. Sending them gifts every year, thanking them for their continuing trust and referrals. Sending them birthday cards and gifts on their birthday.

3) What do you do to make potential clients feel like they will be well taken care of if they hire your firm?

Before a prospective client comes in to visit me for the first time, I send them out a package that includes a book that I have written and 2 CDs that I have recorded, both of which are content-rich and deal with my area of expertise…One for Tax Planning and One For IRS Tax Problem Resolution. Additionally, when they arrive for an initial meeting, they are greeted with a gift bag of candy, and offered coffee, a bottle or water or soda. When they retain me, I send out a package of cookies welcoming them to my “practice family”!

4) How is your approach different than the competition?

I consult with accountants and CPAs across the country, teaching them to do good smart, effective, ethical marketing. Hardly anyone I have found that goes out of their way to make any type of good impression on their clients either before or after beginning the relationship.

As I mentioned with Lori on a recent webinar for my coaching members, “Retention is the New Acquisition”!! What I mean by that is that many CPAs and business owners take our existing clients and customers for granted. Most everyone is always most interested in going out and getting the next client.

Good marketing practices would dictate to make it a BIG DEAL when someone joins our practice family/business. You really can’t do too much to welcome clients/customers and let them know how much you appreciate your business. So many CPAs and business seem to take their clients/customers for granted.

I believe we should make doing business with us a BIG deal!!! It’s the right thing to do. And unfortunately, one of the reasons that it works so well…is that no one is doing it.

5) Contact information: Larry M. Weinstein, CPA 713 726 1603 9639 HIllcroft Ste 820 Houston, TX 77096