The Best Way to Get More Followers on Instagram — Here’s What You Should Do!


Instagram bot thrives on photographs. The posts might have titles, captions, and descriptions, but at the end of the day, it is the images or videos in a post that decide what kind of traction it will get and the number of followers it will be able to attract. There are several things that an individual or a company can do to generate more following for their Instagram posts and content. With over 800 million active users and counting, Instagram is a living, breathing organism that needs constant nourishment to flourish and grow, and for a particular account to stand out. There are several ways in which a user can get more followers. Let us look at what some of these to gain a better understanding.


Go candid – A trip to a new location would give you plenty of photo ops. However, among all the picturesque statements, an impromptu shot of you trying on the cap of a bemused bellboy will undoubtedly draw traction. Similarly, a brand trying to promote its shoes, for example, can throw in a few behind the scenes pictures of the workshops where the products are made. It is sure to lend a personal touch to the brand’s marketing message.


Specific hashtags – A company promoting its products and services on Instagram would use different hashtags for different situations, but it must have a particular hashtag that is identifiable with the brand. We have seen so many examples where specific hashtags were used for various campaigns, and how it helped to gain tremendous traction.


Blend virtual with real – It is true that we spend much time in the virtual world on different social media platforms including Instagram, but it is always good to keep a connection of the virtual merchandising in the real world as well. Product brochures, car stickers, company letterheads, and print ads are some of the places where the Instagram user handle of your company can be highlighted so that it aids easy recall.


Add text to images – Every image or video posted on Instagram can have a caption or title and even a short description, and it makes sense to use those smartly to include your hashtags along with useful and pertinent keywords. Overlay of images with appropriate quotes is a technique that increases the attractiveness of the photos.


Encourage engagement – Digital Marketing experts at Social Growr pointed out that a comment is a better sign of engagement than just a like on an image. For that to happen, some gentle encouragement from your side would surely help. So on your posts, you can ask viewers what they thought of the picture or if they have any better suggestions. That is bound to generate conversation around the photo and eventually your brand.


Be glocal – Instagram is an app that can allow even a user in Peru to view your images if you are on their feed, or if they have followed you. However, unless your business is global in nature, that viewer might not help. If you run a car repair garage in a particular town, it would make more sense to use geotagging for your pictures and videos, which will help other Instagram users in the same area to see your images on the ‘location’ page. So, think local in your use of a global app.


Do unto others – If you are expecting people to like your pictures and comment, and also follow you, you need to do the same. Follow other businesses in the same industry or the same locality, and also like pictures which have the same or similar hashtags as yours, and you can expect the return traffic to build up slowly and steadily. You need to do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.


Create contests – Short and sweet games are something everyone likes, and for a brand, regular use of fun contests is a sure-fire way to generate interest and excitement. The prizes for winners could be imaginatively designed without too much spending involved.


Regular haircuts – Just as a well-groomed schoolboy looks good only when he has his hair trimmed regularly, your Instagram account might soon become an eyesore if it becomes a mindless collection of hundreds of unrelated pictures. You need to trim your account regularly so that random images are removed, and photographs which drew attention earlier are reused.


Time the market – Some days of the week and certain times of the day are more popular for Instagram users. You can use any of several available tools to see which times and days drew most traffic for your account and post accordingly.


The above ten guidelines are simple things which a brand can do to increase their Instagram followers quickly. If you are new to marketing on this social platform, you should try these tips today!