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The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast on made it onto the coveted “New & Noteworthy” page on itunes. Please support us by clicking the link to subscribe and listen. The purpose of my show is to bring you resources designed to empower you and enhance your life. In addition to building the podcast as a place for anyoen to come to for resources on living a successful life, once a month I’ll feature a resource solely for our veteran population and their families.
We are only on week 3 of our launch and already, I’m thrilled with what we have to offer you by way of empowering and enhancing your life. Our first episode featured the Virtual Reality Medical Center who developed PTSD treatment for combat veterans utilizing virtual reality technology. You’ll find it exciting to hear what they are doing and how they are doing it. My other episodes have featured Dr. Harry Haroutunian the world-renowned Physician Director of the Betty Ford Center talking about our country’s addiction troubles and the many ways a person can get help. This week’s episode features Ret. Det. Mike Proctor, the author of “Antidote for a Stalker”. If you every wanted to know anything about stalkers, he’s the guy to talk to.
In the upcoming weeks, I’ve got an expert on complicated relationship struggles, a company who holds competitions for startups that are helping design treatment protocols for veterans, a couple’s financial compatibility expert, best-selling author Melanie Notkin to talk about her book, “Otherhood” and more!
In addition to the weekly podcast episodes launch every Tuesday, an article filled with even more information on the week’s topic gets posted on the on the same day.

The “New & Noteworthy” section is design to give the selected podcasters extra exposure for a few weeks while they build their audience. As I’m designing the podcast to be a place to come to for resources for living a successful life, I need your help in spreading the word about it. Please click on the link to support us in itunes.
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