The Importance of Beacon Technology in Retail


Beacon technology has long been a useful marketing tool for businesses and it is not difficult to see why. With considerable development since it’s launch, Global Market Insights predicts that the beacon technology market will exceed $25 billion by 2024.


This means that savvy companies will want to start integrating the technology into their business and fully take advantage of its features sooner rather than later. Don’t just take it from us — embracing beacon tech is often high on the list of tips from professional app developers and has been for years.


If you are still new to this tech niche, don’t fret. Below is a breakdown of why this technology can be a valuable asset for your business.


What is Beacon Technology?


Beacons send alerts to mobile devices and can pinpoint users’ locations. The goal of this technology is to allow for easier location-based searching for consumers.



How is this technology used?


Retailers use beacon technology as a way to entice consumers to visit their store. It’s a simple process that has proven to be effective. First retailers place beacons in their store. These beacons will then connect to consumers via Bluetooth enabled smartphone applications — usually to an online gift or deal notification. Finally, the consumers will receive a notification promoting that specific store.


How does this benefit your retail company?


Beacon technology is a strategy that helps companies directly connect with new or long-time customers. Imagine walking by your favorite store in a mall and receiving a greeting message on your phone. A simple thing like this makes a customer feel appreciated and will likely promote them to return to your store.


Another benefit is the ability to transmit useful information directly to customers. What better way to alert customers of a sale than a direct message on their phone?


As a business, it is crucial to ensure that your mobile app takes advantage of the most up-to-date marketing tools. Beacon technology is just such a tool connecting millions of consumers with the products and services they want most.


An additional benefit includes the location data that is mined. While there is ongoing debate about the nature of data mining, there’s no doubt this data is extremely useful for business owners. Understanding how customers navigate your store provides helpful tips on how to better improve product listings

and store layout.


When is the right time to invest in Beacon Technology?


The applicability of mobile beacon technology in the retail space has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years and is something smart retailers should invest in as soon as possible. Having that personal connection with customers has proven to increase sales and build long-term relationships — the core of any retail model.


And building a relationship with the right mobile app developer will also help you launch the best possible app in this thriving space.


Your mobile app will be the face of your company. Most of the time, it will be the first point of contact for prospective consumers or the means by which your customers spend the bulk of their time interacting with your product or service.


When you decide that it’s time to develop that killer mobile app to capitalize on retail beacon tech, it’s imperative to get it right from day one by partnering with a lean mobile app developer that understands your mission.