The Most Sought After Hermes Handbags


When it comes to luxury handbags, Hermes is a brand that occupies one of the top positions in the list. Be it the Hermes Kelly, which takes up to 24 hours for an artisan to create, or the pinnacle Birkin bag, which is mostly only exclusively available in limited quantities, Hermes offers some of the most sought-after handbags of the highest quality.

Since the value of the Hermes Birkin bags increases every year, outperforming gold and stocks as an investment, they have even been sold at auctions for a whopping six figures. While celebrities are often seen donning these famous bags, if you do not wish to shell out six figures for a handbag, there is some respite for you. Websites such as provide detailed reviews of such designer bags and how you can get Hermes replica purses at cheaper rates than their original counterparts.


You can choose from amongst these most trendy handbags offered by online portals like at affordable rates.


The important factor is to choose only amongst the seven star replicas for the closest quality and feel. Here is a list of some of the best rated Hermes bags that you can choose from:

1.     Birkin

The Hermes Birkin bag is available in a wide variety of hardware, materials, sizes, and colors. This bag made from high quality leather and stitching, which make it a must buy for its timeless style and quality. The style is chic enough for everyday use and elegant enough to be worn as an evening purse as well.

2.     Kelly

The Kelly is another showstopper of the collection and is also available as cheap Hermes replica handbags. The bag has a wide base and a slim narrow top, with a leather belt strap closure. The bag’s detachable leather shoulder strap further make it a versatile purse.

3.     Evelyne

The Evelyne caters to a young audience, owing to its sporty look and style. This shoulder bag is perfect for a casual outing, given its comfortable feel. You can wear this funky bag as a messenger bag or as a shoulder handbag.

4.     Constance

The Constance is a stylish and chic purse, with a fold over the top and clasp closure, coupled with a gold-tone logo plaque and gold-tone hardware, providing a classy look. Its internal zip pocket and slip pocket provide ample space for storage.

5.     Jypsiere

This is another sought after handbag, which is hard to get due to its high demand. The Jypsiere is a cross between the Birkin and Kelly, and functions as a messenger bag, therefore ensuring comfort and style. Additionally, the movable wide shoulder pad makes it more comfortable to carry. This handbag, made with buttery soft scratch resistant Togo leather, makes it a must buy accessory.

Fortunately, you can now get cheap Hermes replica handbags instead of only wishing you had the budget for the original ones. You can choose from amongst these most trendy handbags offered by online portals like Bags Heaven at affordable rates. Just make sure that you buy from trusted sources offering high quality replicas rather than the cheap knock offs.