The Ultimate Guide to Buying USB C Hubs — What Beginners Should Know!



USB-C supports all significant technical players, and it is rapidly being adopted as a new and standardized connection for computers and laptops. It is a unique trend that one will find it on every new laptop essentially at the cost of conventional connection ports like USB 3.0, Ethernet, VGA and SD card.

Inspired by the trend mentioned above, several connection accessories making firms have taken it up to them to produce a huge variety of USB-C hubs to ease and increase the efficiency of its users. However, finding a USB type c hub which works actually with all the gears and ports is a matter of huge selectivity.

Before you hit up to the stores, do read this guide which we have come up with so that you know which factors to seek in this new product.

Why do you need to buy a USB-C hub?

The bold approach in minimalist design, followed by apple, when it launched MacBook Pro with a single USB-C port. It has left many of the users with a question in their mind — “how to connect all devices?” The new port is not compatible with the traditional USB 3.0 type ports, and moreover, it limits the connectivity options of the users. These are the significant issues which compel the need for such a hub.

What is the problem with usual USB-C hubs?

The idea behind using the USB-C is to connect to all your different external devices. However, the real problem is that when one buys a USB-C hub, there is no real guarantee that it will work. In fact, there is a relatively high probability that it will not work. Thus, computer connectivity fails due to lack of precise information, inferior quality parts and non-adherence to standard laws. It is a minefield which can leave you discontented and disconnected.

What should one look for?

Before setting out on a marketing spree, look at your own laptop specifications first. If you already have SD card or HDMI slot built in, you surely don’t need to look for those parts. Moreover, USB-C is not the ultimate standard, there are several sub-standards as well, and you must know that as a cross connection may lead you to your discontent. Just read the specifications and be sure about it whether it is USB 3.1, USB-C gen 2, or it is Thunderbolt 3.

Thunderbolt 3 connection

The above thing is not a problem if you already possess a Thunderbolt 3 port as it is not only ultimately fast with speed nearly 40GBPS but is also compatible with all its previous versions. However, the point is that it is costly and does not come with most of the laptops and is a rare sight in budget laptops.

USB-C chargers and cables warning

Straightaway plugging away any laptop might destruct your highly coveted device, it should be avoided. The legitimate ports come with counterfeit knockoffs and should be certified. Firstly, use the cable provided with the laptop and if not, and always look for the cables with USB certification emblem.


Laptops are a thing of daily usage, you obviously do not want to lose it or limit its capabilities or work with the limited capacities. Follow our guide and grab the best USB-C hub for you, for the work done more efficiently it the new smartness.