Tips for Organizing a Move


Organizing a long distance move is -many times- quite stressful and exhausting, even more so if you do it on short notice. The best way to challenge it without giving up on the company is to dedicate yourself to it, essentially for a time. Or if you are facing some critical problems for moving by yourself then you should hire long distance movers agency.

The duration should be quite a long time instead of two or three days, as doing whatever it takes in a few days will simply incite physical exhaustion and arousal.

On account of our tremendous involvement as of late moved customers, we have figured out how to gather a progression of tips that will clarify what to do when you move house in a quick and organized way. First, breathe and think that as long as you establish specific tasks for certain days, everything will be easier. Then you just have to follow these tips:

1. Take your Time

Do everything little by little, so we recommend that you start several weeks before D-Day. This advice seems simple, but it is the most important. Your organization and the success of your move depend on this.

2. Don’t you use it? Goodbye

Do not get nostalgic for things that have been with you for a long time, but are not of much use to you; they will only occupy an important space in your new home. Keep in mind: new house, new life.

3. Gather Everything you will Need

The way into a coordinated move is having all you require close by. So we recommend that you prepare a moving kit with the essential things that you will need to put everything together. Model:

Colossal packs: Believe me you will require them and it is best that they are made of safe material and of different tones divide the remainder of the sheet into the things that really need to be in your new home. Save the black (or whatever coloring you like) for garbage.

  • Cardboard boxes: Go gathering boxes of absolutely everything. I assure you that some will serve you; however, I advise you not to be too big; since being full of things they will be quite difficult to load.
  • As you will keep the cardboard boxes, you should also keep all the newspapers since they will prove helpful when storing fragile items, such as glass glasses and sharp objects.
  • Tape: Buy a ton of pipe tape and, if possible, get it in bulk. In addition, we recommend each and every individual who will help with the task have a dispenser of it, this will facilitate all the work. Also, buy masking tape to serve as a marker for boxes and bags.
  • Scissors and thick markers: Buy the colored markers, this will help you identify them with each room and the boxes or bags corresponding to each of them.

4. Make Sure your Boxes and Bags are Coded

Label your boxes or bags with letter or number codes using markers, masking tape, and colored bags as we stated in the previous subtitle and you will be sure to have an organized move.

An Example:

  • Number 1 or letter a: Boxes or bags that should be unpacked as quickly as possible. As is work clothes, uniform, basic kitchen or bathroom equipment.
  • A day in the future, letter b: What is to be expected? The same is true for the clothes and shoes we don’t wear very often.
  • Number 3 or letter c: What can be the last thing to unpack, such as photo albums, extra pillows, among others?

5. Make Sure the Boxes have a Hole or Make one for them

In this way it will be much easier for you to load them, you will do it faster and also you will not be able to hurt yourself, so you can have a quick move.

6. Have a Bag with Basic Things on Hand

Do not mix at the bottom of a box your toothbrush, your pajamas, toilet paper, among others these are products you will need immediately if there is a child at home. Make sure there are differences in the cutlery of clothing, utensils and consumables that are accessible to everyone. It’s especially easy to prepare snacks, water, and a ton of water that shouldn’t be heated or cooked.

7. Take Advantage of Cleaning your New Home

I didn’t bring anything at this point, so it’s very convenient to clean every corner. Recall that this is the only time to approach each end of the spot.

8. In your New House, Unpack and Assemble Everything Related to the Beds

This tip is the best we can give you, since during a move, those who are in charge of unpacking everything end up tired and the least that can happen is that the bed is not ready yet. This will also allow you to take the necessary breaks and continue without any problems.


Moving is hard work; however, with these tips we hope you find it somewhat less complicated. In case you have furniture that you do not need but do not want to throw away, store it in a warehouse or go to a storage company, which should have security cameras, anti-humidity system and more.