Use These Perks to Attract Top Talent for Your Business


Although there are literally millions of positions always being listed in the ‘help wanted’ ads, there are always more people than there are jobs at some high levels within key industries. If you are looking to attract top talent, then one of the best ways to do that is to offer a benefits package that goes above and beyond what your competitors will offer. Here are some suggestions – some the typical perks and others a cut above what you will find being offered out there.

First a Look at What Employees Look For

Recently Glassdoor did research on what employees look for when seeking employment. As a recruitment site they see tens of thousands of job applicants annually and are in a position to actually ‘see’ what is attractive as well as asking on questionnaires to keep track of key metrics. In their latest assessment of what applicants are looking for they found the following five perks:

  1. Healthcare Insurance
  2. Time off with pay – vacation
  3. Performance based bonuses
  4. Sick days paid
  5. Retirement plans including but not limited to 401k

Then there is one more perk that most business schools have noticed when students come through guidance and that is advanced training paid for by employers. This, especially during the current economic recovery is a huge perk because many students don’t have the wherewithal to go through the length of time it takes to get an MBA so an online MBA degree from Northeastern University paid for by their employer is huge.

A Closer Look at These Perks

While these may be the perks that job applicants are looking for, your competition is well aware of what it is that they want. Few companies don’t recruit top talent without offering 2 or more of those perks so you need to go a step above and beyond if you want to be the company that lands the top few recruits in your market. Instead of offering ongoing training for job advancement, why not offer to send a key employee or a few employees through online MBA programs? You will be training those within your company who have shown initiative but attracting top talent who are willing to work towards the goal of having their education paid for.

No matter what industry you are in you can only benefit from having at least one employee who successfully made it through an AACSB online MBA program. The AACSB, Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, is the accrediting agency that ensures curriculum meets certain standards and it is vital to see this accreditation in online programs. The point in all this is that you are not only giving that person a job and one with the potential for personal growth but you are also ensuring that they have the knowledge needed to excel in whatever it is that they do for your company. Both you and that employee grow together so yes, it is an enticing perk but it is also a perk for your company!