Using the Latest Graphic Design Trends to Gain a Competitive Advantage on Social Media



Digital marketing, especially social media marketing is a highly competitive sector, and you need to keep yourself updated about the trends and technology to remain successful. When social media marketing comes into the picture, keeping up with the trends become much more critical. Social media is continuously changing and getting overloaded with information and promotional materials. So, the users tend to pay any keen interest in only something new or trendy which can grab their attention.


One of the primary aspects of social media, which can create an impact and grab the attention of the users is graphics. Designers need to work hard in terms of creating and positively sharing trendy and useful graphical components to set your pages and posts apart from the competitors. Let’s further explore how to efficiently use the latest trends in graphic designing to gain an advantage.


Trendy graphic designs


Even though many of the consumers do not have any labels or trends when they are in vogue, and what makes something a trend is when a large number of people tend to appreciate it, find value in it, or follow something for the time being. As something gets trendy, people instantly start identifying it and immediately notice it on the go.


As ‘trending’ is something related to popularity, trends in graphics on social media also come across the category of things which consumers find as relevant. The companies and brands which appear relatable and modern to the consumers further tend to participate in trends. So, by creating trendy designs to share through social media, your business also gets a unique edge to succeed.


Graphics offer instant gratification


It is, of course, necessary to have an online payment gateway and own social media sites, but these are not quite noticeable always. Your competitors may also easily cope up with such generic trends and gain over you. What makes something unique is that the consumers can instantly spot and relate to.


When consumers see trendy graphics, it can instantly grab their attention and gratify their need for interactive and informative media. With this, your brand gets positively connected with the consumer’s mind, which they identify as innovative and modern. With some trendy graphics, you can instantly create a great first impression and linger around the consumers’ thoughts for the time being.


Graphics for visual branding and make yourself recognisable


The main competition comes from a busy and overloaded market which makes it difficult for your brand to become recognisable. Standing out and making a visually identifiable trademark pattern is essential. Trendy graphic designs help one to meet these goals.


When you try to create trendy graphics, it includes designing a logo, colour scheme, and other visual characteristics of your brand, which make it distinct. The objective of this is to ensure that your trendy graphics do not go obsolete in the shuffle, nor your brand. Achieving this goal will surely set you to win over the competitors whose graphics are not so trendy.


Next, we will discuss a couple of top graphic design trends as suggested by the leading Brisbane Based SEO experts, which may prevail in 2018 in business designing.


  • Sleek, bold typography


What is trending now is graphics with text. You need to create stylized, bold, but sleek typography which can easily grab the attention of the viewers. Successful marketers use hip trends typography on words in images. As words are valuable in marketing to share messages, excellent typography allows more clear and straightforward communication with the users.


  • Cinemagraph


It is all about adding a bit of movement to an image. There is a scope greater creativity in this as a moving element in an otherwise still image can grab the attention of the viewers. Motion can not only attract the consumers but also can stir up certain emotions and remain memorable.


Proper integration of moving graphics can also create the illusion of real-time experience. The moving element trend in graphic design is there for quite some time now as it appeals the promoters and viewers alike with its simplicity to create and also the impression it leaves on people.


Some important considerations to make




It is true that graphics can offer you that unique edge in terms of marketing, but as in case of any other digital marketing strategy, overdoing it can only have an adverse impact. It is essential to practice minimalism in terms of graphic designing too to ensure the desired effect.




The major downside many facing with heavy graphics on their webs pages is that it significantly reduces the loading speed. With the latest Google search algorithms, higher page loading times can adversely impact the search engine rankings. It can also be frustrating to the users to wait for long to get your page loaded, so they instead switch to other sites than wasting their time.


In any case, it is a fact that with trendy graphics, you can have a significant edge over other competitors at social media, to ensure a better reach and acceptance of your brand. Keep on tracking the changes in trends and keep up with them to always be on top.


Author bio: Kim Berkley is a Brisbane Based digital marketing consultant, offering freelance consultation to a large number of clients in this region. Adding to it, he is also an avid blog writer with many followers in the niche of digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.