Villa VIP – A Spellbinding Mykonos Mansion for the Most Exclusive Holidays


Tourlos is one of the most beautiful areas on Mykonos island, offering a dreamy place to stay if your heart rests on the less crowded and more tranquil side of Mykonos. Located next to the new Mykonos port, the magical Tourlos is also home to a picturesque village that epitomises Cycladic architecture. Indeed, it is amazing to walk the narrow, cobbled streets of the scenic Tourlos village and be greeted with charming whitewashed houses with freshly painted blue, red, and green shutters and bougainvillaea-filled balconies! 

What is also fantastic about Tourlos is the fact that it’s only 2,5 kilometres from the bustling capital and its lively nightlife. However, Tourlos itself also pampers with lots of restaurants, tavernas, cafes, and a few bars. Plus, a golden sand beach with crystalline, azure waters and a serene atmosphere to enable you to enjoy relaxing moments by the sea under the warm sun.

In this captivating scenery lies a magnificent villa – Villa VIP – that feels like an answer to everyone’s prayers for a vacation home that will wake you with heart-stopping views of the glistering Aegean Sea and the cloudless Mediterranean sky, while providing all the top-tier amenities and facilities worthy of your VIP lifestyle. Thanks to luxury property Mykonos rental agency Kinglike Concierge, this experience is far from just a fantasy!


  • Where Elegance Meets Exclusivity & Unparalleled Grandeur

Villa VIP opens its doors to guests with a captivating main mansion, featuring three stylish en-suite bedrooms with direct access to a private terrace through balcony doors. As you walk into the spacious living room with the fabulous pool view, rustic furniture, tasteful, minimal décor, and fully-equipped kitchen, you instantly feel the warmth and splendour exuded from every corner. Loyal to the traditional Cycladic lines, it will capture your heart with the breath-taking seascapes that you can view from nearly all around. 

Imagine sharing your morning cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast with your loved ones or partner while watching the sun rising behind the glorious horizon from your balcony, private terrace or outdoor dining area! Or indulging in an evening cocktail or glass of champagne with ravishing panoramas of the descending sun painting the chalky walls of your villa with shades of fiery reds, warm yellows, and the largest array of gold and orange hues ever seen by human eyes! 

And, besides the outdoor area that accommodates an infinity pool (heated) and amenities like a heated Jacuzzi, a portable BBQ, a pergola-shaded lounge space, a 12-seat dining area, an outdoor cinema, and loungers, you will also find privacy at one of the three guest houses available within the same plot of land. Each coming with an individual entrance and lavish en-suite bedrooms, they complete an already flawless picture. Of course, you are free to amplify your overall experience with complementary services like beach club and restaurant reservations, private chauffeur, and many more! 

Equally mind-blowing luxury properties in the same area are Villa Lunablu and Villa Beauty – both less than 5km from Mykonos Town and enticing with the most impressive range of facilities and seascapes! 


About Kinglike Concierge

Over the years, luxury property rental agency Kinglike Concierge has been established as the premier provider of elegant Mykonos rentals that meet the requirements and needs of a VIP clientele. Able to satisfy even the most discerning guest, they come forward with a constantly-expanding portfolio of more than 200 villas in Mykonos, with deals directly with the villa owners. They also stand out with the most comprehensive list of concierge services and 24/7 guest support for maximum guest satisfaction.