We Love Our Brilliant Team Members!


When it comes to hiring team members, we might be talented, just lucky, or maybe a little of both. We say this because we have some truly outstanding people here on our team. It’s easy to see that our team members care for people, whether it’s each other, our customers, or our community.

We don’t just call ourselves a family because it sounds nice and catchy. We give ourselves that name because it’s true to our culture. We are always looking out for each other personally and professionally. When a new member starts, we all participate in getting them acclimated to the company. We get along and work well as a team, are very open to each other’s ideas, and are able to hang out like a bunch of friends. And just like a big family, some of us like to be the annoying ones who pull pranks and make silly jokes.

This culture is really easy to emulate with our customers. There have been countless instances of our team members working as hard as they can to help a customer who might be going through a tough time, often with the help of their teammates. We also enjoy just hearing about the customers’ day. Either way, we really enjoy making our customers happy. We often receive emails from customers about how happy they are with us or how great one of our team members was. These emails are often shared or even read aloud.

Like many caring and giving people, our team members love to volunteer. Even though their schedules are busy with their families and personal volunteer efforts, they make time to help us by volunteering at various events and giving to our various charitable drives.

When you have awesome team members, a great company culture is easy to cultivate. We are incredibly thankful for our hard-working and caring team members and hope that our talent and luck can continue as we grow.



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