What are the Benefits and Rewards of Capital One Venture Card?


One of the most popular travel rewards credit cards today has been Capital One Venture. You have likely read about this great credit card and perhaps applied for it. But do you know what the benefits of a travel card are? Are they worth it? Is Capital One Venture right for you? Do they really matter?

Benefits of Travel Card:

Before answering those questions, let’s look at the benefits of a travel card first. The benefits of a travel card include gas bonuses, airline miles, and much more. They offer frequent flier miles to use towards travel expenses. They also offer benefits such as hotel stays, travel insurance, and much more. This means if you travel often you will save money on your travel expenses, especially on fuel.

Low-Interest Rate:

Capital One Venture is an ideal travel card to get started with if you travel a lot. This card is not only offered at a zero percent introductory rate but also offers low-interest rates as long as you maintain your balance. This gives you the benefits of a travel card without having to pay the higher interest rates associated with cards that charge high interest rates and cash advances. Of course, this still depends on your credit history.


When you compare the benefits of a travel card to other types, the comparisons stop right there. First off, let’s talk about the gasoline rewards you can receive. Every dollar you charge on your travel card that you use to buy gas gets credited to you. That means if you drive across the country, you can use your travel card and get double the amount in reward. This benefit of the Capital One Venture travel card is amazing and very well priced.

Other Amazing Rewards:

There are many benefits of travel cards that aren’t listed here. If you need a little extra incentive, Capital One Venture has a great bonus program. In addition to the rewards discussed above, you can also get a free night’s stay at any of their hotels and cruises, a dinner cruise on a sailboat, tickets to sports events, and so much more. This type of benefit is usually offered to clients of their card, and if you apply for one, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a travel card. Of course, it doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s an option if you need it. Either way, you can make the travel experience more enjoyable with a Capital One Venture travel card.

Travel Rewards:

As you can see, there are many benefits of a travel card. However, you should take a close look at the travel rewards offered with your card before you make a decision on which one to get. While some companies may offer benefits to cardholders of other companies, Capital One has made their benefits specific to their cards only. Therefore, if you have a travel credit card from another company, you may not be able to enjoy all the benefits of a travel card that Capital One can. Capital One, however, tends to have the better cards and you won’t find this out by looking at their benefits of travel cards only.

Capital One travel card has been around for a while and is widely accepted by many major hotels, airlines, and rental car companies. You can often find cards with annual fee waivers, but most people tend to find the no annual fee travel card attractive, especially if they travel often. You can check out Capital One’s benefits of travel cards here.