What are the parts of a visitor management system?

visitor management

A comprehensive visitor management system is a modern digital version of the sign-in sheet and a visitor logbook. visitor management screens visitors and permits access to levels and offices within the building.

Even with visitor sign-in books and guards, proper screening of who enters a building, where they go to, who they visit, and how long they stay allows an organization to control access and create a sense of security for employees and other visitors.

visitor management

A visitor management system encompasses different aspects, from technology to human intelligence. Each part of the system seamlessly connects; visitor’s check-in, visitor ID issuance to tracking and monitoring their location through video surveillance.

When guests come into your building, they expect professional reception.  A simple, straightforward visitor management system welcomes them and points them to the service they seek without overwhelming them. This creates a good impression of your business.

The features of a visitor management system are;

Visitor management software

The main reception computer holds the software that displays the details of the visitor, the purpose of their visit, and personal credentials. The software allows the user to define and issue permissions, verify ID cards, and raise alarms for entry of denied persons. The functionality and design of the software are customized to meet the needs of the company and the depth of operations.

The database

The database acts as a backup and storage for all the visitor logs, permissions issued, attendance lists, and other information related to visitors. The database is usually cloud-based or a networked database like SQL-DB. Local storage databases are discouraged because of the risk of data loss when the facility is breached.

Hardware components

The hardware is connected to the main computer at the reception and facilitates the functionality of the visitor management system. These components are installed according to the desired function they offer or a customized service to the organization. They include

  • ID scanners; scan and verify the visitors’ cards and credentials with the system. This guarantees a high degree of accuracy and speeds up visitor registration.
  • Barcode scanners; scan the barcodes on the visitor badges and sign out the visitors from the system.
  • Visitor badge printers; used to print the badges for the visitors. The badge printer is attached to the computer running the visitor management software
  • Web cameras; capture a picture of the visitor, which can be printed on the badge
  • Signature pads; capture the visitors’ signature to be attached to signed safety policies, non-disclosure agreements before entering the building.
  • Surveillance cameras and other security devices

visitor management systems have evolved to offer additional functionality. Several updates and features have been added, including

  • Employee visitor pre-registration
  • Batch visitor registration
  • Email integration for visitor notifications
  • Outlook calendar integration
  • Watch-list management and integration
  • Background checks
  • Self-service registration and check-outs
  • Access card control
  • Mobile visitor registration

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