What Cooling Options Do You Have For Your Data Center


Nowadays, IT equipment and hardware are becoming increasingly utilized and increasingly important. Looking after your IT goods is vitally important as if they overheat they can become damaged or even break. When considering how much you can lose if things become broken, it becomes a small price to pay to make sure you protect your IT hardware.


Before we look into the cooling methods for data centers, we must answer an important question: how do data centers work? Data centers work in a very similar method to a bigger-scale personal computer, storing information, as well as providing Internet access and network connections. Each server that is maintained inside the data center will have a specific amount of processing power, memory, and storage space. When a number of servers are used, different programs can help to distribute the workload. 


In general, the majority of data centers in this day and age are fitted with a data center cooling system or a method that controls the climate of the room. This ensures that the equipment inside the data center does not overheat, and consequently guarantees that nothing will be damaged. This is one of the most important parts of data center design, so it is something that needs to be considered carefully. 


As there are a whole host of data center cooling systems available, it can often be hard when coming to the decision of which one is the best to make use of. The two most popular methods are air conditioning and cold aisle containment. This part of the post will give you an insight into both systems to help you on your way to picking the best one for you.


The first method that I will look into is air conditioning. This is the most popular and widely used system, most probably because of its convenience and reliability. The only downfall regarding air conditioning is that it can use up a lot of energy, however, there are a lot of different types of air conditioning and thus you can select something which is more energy-efficient.


Moving on to the other popular system; cold aisle containment. This is also a cost-effective and simple method. It works by separating the hot areas from the cold areas and is a desirable option because it can be used in any center, no matter the size, furthermore, it does not require any reorganizing or restructuring of the room. 


As we said, there are a whole host of various data center cooling systems available on the market today, and taking the consideration to decide which is the best for you is of the utmost importance. There are several more methods out there than simply the ones mentioned in this blog post, nevertheless air conditioning and cold aisle containment are widely considered the best ones to use. One final point to note, is that the care and consideration you put into selecting your cooling system should be mirrored when it comes to picking which company to go for.