What Is the Cheapest and Most Efficient Way to Send Bulk Mail


Direct mail marketing is still one of the best ways to promote your business and retain customers. The physical advertising technique associates your brand and business more effectively than any digital advertising could.

So how does one get started in bulk mail? Here’s everything you need to know.

Prepare Mail Yourself

When deciding to start the direct bulk mailing process, you need to understand that you have two routes to take. You can either prepare the mail yourself through outside vendors or utilize one of the USPS direct mail services.

The benefits of preparing yourself are the ability to shop around and compare prices. This ensures you are getting the best price every time. If you are unhappy with the way it turns out, it is also easier to switch companies.

Use One of USPS Direct Mail Services

The other option is to utilize one of the USPS direct mail services. These services are set up both nationally through a multitude of different websites. They also pair up with local services to provide for those who want to support local businesses.

The benefit of using one of these direct mail services is these are nationally trusted services. They will provide some of the best standards possible and have been around for a great number of years. This makes them more trustworthy than a possible sketchy unknown business.

Getting a Mailing List

The USPS does not provide any of its own mailing lists. They do not hold onto those records and cannot determine what would be the best route for your form of advertising. They do check to make sure that you do provide correct addresses.

For instance, they will let you know if an address is supposed to say Street rather than Avenue.

There are businesses out there that do provide mailing lists that can be catered towards your specific service or product. Get into contact with a trusted business along these lines and use this to set up your first bulk mail advertising campaign.

Certified mailing is also important when it comes to a mailing list. What is certified mail? Click the link to find out more.

Benefits of Bulk Mail

The benefits of bulk are the amount of business promotion. It gives residents in your local area the idea you are there for them when your particular service or product comes of need.

It feels weird searching the web for a trusted dentist or ophthalmologist, so when a potential customer has an image to put behind the brand, you immediately become more trustworthy to them.

This also works as a great reminder. People often have their emails flooded with unnecessary junk, and email marketing can lead to people missing your reminders. But with direct mail, the reminder is right in their hands.

Bulk Mail is the Way to Go

Bulk mail will never fail, even in a time when digital marketing seems to be the only way to go. There is just a special place for direct mail and will always lead to a higher conversion rate. So whether your a local business looking to expand or a well-oiled company that has been around for years, never give up on bulk direct mailing.

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