What is the Role of an Immigration Lawyer


Immigration law is one of the most impactful law disciplines for individuals and families. It can literally determine whether or not someone is able to remain in a country or territory.


With the stakes this high, one must find an attorney who is going to fight hard for them at every turn. From the initial consultation phase all the way through to court cases, an immigration lawyer works with you, and is the one who must be hands-on and supportive each step of the way.


Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Some people might need to hire an immigration lawyer if they need help submitting paperwork or an application for immigration status, mainly for visas or green cards.


There are certain times during these processes when an immigration lawyer is critical to ensuring all legal matters and impediments are resolved.


Here are some examples of legal matters that would require counsel from an immigration attorney.


Individual was Convicted of a Criminal Act

Virtually any piece of immigration paperwork asks the applicant to disclose information about their criminal history. It doesn’t matter if those charges were ultimately dropped or expunged. For these matters, an individual would hire an immigration lawyer to assist them, not usually a criminal lawyer.


The distinction here is that this is an immigration issue, not a criminal litigation problem. The crime has already been committed, it is the immigration lawyers job to fight for their client and ensure that they aren’t getting dragged through the coals.


Negotiating Through a Medical Condition

It’s possible that someone could be denied entry in the United States due to a prior medical condition, typically a communicable disease or similar.


Past Immigration Attempts were Denied

Has the individual applied for an immigration status beforehand and been denied? Oftentimes it’s possible for them to appeal that denial, or they may simply apply again in the future.


Dealing With Previous Deportations

Immigration attorneys will help individuals who have struggled with deportations in the past. In many cases, this means that they are permanently held from making future applications.


If Child Might Reach Age 21 Before Permanent Resident Status

The qualification for a permanent resident status is different if you are under the age of 21. Talk to an experienced lawyer who knows your best options for handling these permanent resident status questions. An attorney can determine the best method for you.


Need Help Understanding the Process

The immigration process can be complicated and confusing at times. In order to cut through the red tape, you need an expert in your corner.


Immigration attorneys can help you through the process even if you aren’t facing negative legal ramifications.


Experience Immigration Law Advice from True Professionals

It’s important to acquire the best advice from the most experienced team of immigration professionals.


Regardless of the types of complications you may be facing along your immigration journey, you can hire assistance from a top attorney to get the help you need.


There are many ways to receive advice, so make sure to find the best options for you.