What Personality Traits Make An Ideal Sales Candidate?



When a salesperson comes calling, those on the other end of the line may already be inclined to respond negatively. Unfortunately, salespeople often have the added task of defusing their prospective clients before working their magic, and helping customers to come around so they may understand all that’s being offered. This is why strong salespeople must be resilient and carry an emotional maturity when doing their jobs; they must equally be invested in a call without clutching to the outcome. They must be persistent while also knowing when to let a prospect go. These are skills that are difficult to learn though – in most cases they must inherently be a part of someone’s personality.


Finding the best candidate for a sales position can be an involved process for those who don’t have the proper tools; many companies opt to hire outside, professional assistance which can be a costly solution. Others will do their research to find more financially viable options like implementing a sales personality test — like one the many found on the SalesTestOnline website — into their application, especially since these tests can provide a 90% accuracy rate. These testing tools can be ordered for an affordable price from providers like SalesTestOnline, who asses for the following traits in prospective applicants.

Assertiveness Over Aggressiveness

Suspicion of aggressiveness is what many contemporary sales entities are trying to combat when they encounter potential customers or clients. This however does not mean a salesperson should give up on a prospect the moment they sense hesitation. There needs to be the right balance of assertiveness, of knowing when to politely, but clearly ask the right questions without intimidating clients into submission, or into frustration.

Ability To Improvise

Those in sales will deal with many different people who have varying goals, needs, and approaches; the key is to go with the flow as the information comes. There needs to be a level of flexibility when talking to a prospect, and a willingness to go in a direction they had not anticipated while keep their company’s overall objectives at the back of their minds.

Seeing Challenges As Fuel For Motivation

Salespeople shouldn’t scare or startle easily, nor should they take rejection personally. What happens when many ill-equipped salespeople start out, is that they lose their drive quickly after hearing “No.” However, a pass occurs more frequently than a win – that is the nature of the job; therefore, salespeople should view rejection as fuel, as what powers them towards the “Yes!” It is bound to happen eventually.


As important as meeting quotas is, salespeople should always put their customer first. Meeting a customer’s need, without coercing them into a deal will create loyal customers for the long term that trust the company. This is worth its weight in gold, because these clients are more likely to return, and bring new prospects through the door. A salesperson who can step into someone else’s shoes and find the best solution trumps making the biggest sale when looking at the big picture – companies want clients to stay.