What Prevents School Violence Prevention? An Educated Op-Ed Piece



In this special Op.Ed episode Dr. Colleen Mullen discusses School Violence Prevention from the standpoint of research conducted, violence which could be prevented if individuals in need received appropriate treatment – for example, DBT is one method of therapy which could be applied to helping people with harmful-to-self or harmful-to-others ideations achieve a more resilient mindset. Our guest Sasha Ginsburg teaches us more about dialectical behavioral therapy and the programs they offer at WestsideDBT.

Dr. Colleen Mullen is part of a team of clinicians and other interested parties who studied school violence (shootings) prevention between 1999 and 2011.  Click here to read the 5 things all school shootings had in common when the shooter was a student of the school, to read about the program they developed and what happened when they tried to get it into the schools, where we are in the area of legislation towards mandating school violence prevention programs in our schools and what she feels needs to change in order to make this a nation seeking to prevent tragedies rather than treat them.

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