Wheelchairs for Warriors Event in Houston 9/11


Wheelchairs for Warriors


Our Kick-off fundraiser is just around the corner! Join the mission and help our veterans and first responders receive custom-fit, enhanced mobility wheelchairs!

Reserve your tickets today:  http://www.wheelchairsforwarriors.com/kickoff_event

Downloadable Sponsorship Rack Card .pdf (click here):  (Donation Card)

We already have a list (and growing) of veterans who could really benefit from having one of our custom wheelchairs; these wheelchairs range in size, weight (9lb titanium chairs), and function… depending on the warrior’s abilities and lifestyle needs.


In order to be able to get these servicemen wheelchairs and have them ready to present AT THE EVENT, we need to raise $$$$ BEFORE the event!!!

U.S. Army (Ret.) Colonel Rob Harmon who was injured when he fell out of a helicopter in Ft. Campbell. Col. Harmon served in Afghanistan and suffers from Guillian Barre Syndrome.  Rob recently fallen over in his wheelchair and on top of his current injuries, he now has cracked 2 ribs and the transfers processor on his spine is cracked.

United States Secret Service Agent Garrett Fitzgerald, who was hit by a driver under the influence of heroin, is paralyzed from the neck down. Garrett needs a “tilt and space” chair for when his chair is not working he will not be flat on his back, and so his wife can maneuver him around when necessary. His current chair also needs several adjustments to keep him from getting pressure ulcers… (We also need to fly our seating specialist to Garrett and then fly Garrett and his wife here.)

Fortunately, we secured a generous donation from Insperity Corporation of $12,500, and donations from Prestige Oyster, Inc., JTB Services, but we still lack about $25K to get these guys in wheelchairs by the event!

We would like for you to consider being a table sponsor or a table captain and helping us bring people to the event.

You can buy a table or Individual seats for the event on our website.

If you would like to reserve a room at the Staybridge Stafford follow this link! Wheelchairs for Warriors

Please let me know if you are willing to join our mission! We will see you on 9/11!

~Rolling Strong,

Crystal Lee Laramore
Executive Director
Wheelchairs for Warriors
EIN 81-4602791
936-777-4548 (Mobile)

Top Gun Pilot Ed Rush & Autry Pruitt will be our guests as well as other surprises!

The Redneck Country Club is a fun, relaxed atmosphere and we are going to have a great time while raising money for those who sacrificed so much for our country! #JoinTheMission #RollingStrong

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