Why a Modern Cash POS is Better For Your Business Than an Old Cash Register


There are many excellent reasons to indicate that a POS system that includes a cash register is better than an old cash register. In short, a good point of sale system can offer you the possibility to optimize the time of a large number of activities.

Old cash register vs POS system

When it is a small and new business, the best option may be a point of sale system. On the one hand, you will be avoiding delegating the responsibility of an old cash register to an employee. 

When you purchase a point of sale system, you will have the ability to record every transaction made. So you will be able to control the money in the cash register, as well as all the money coming in and going out.

On the other hand, a point of sale system can offer you the possibility to accept different forms of payment. So, if you have the right devices you can accept cash, debit or credit cards, checks, and different forms of electronic payment.

You will also be able to identify each customer in a more automated way. Also, you can have a history of each customer and specific information. This is useful to apply some loyalty programs to the most common customers.

So we can summarize in the following points the best benefits of a point of sale system:

  • Fast, complete and simple interface
  • Detailed data and analysis reports
  • Optimized customer management – CRM
  • Loyalty programs
  • Time optimization of each activity
  • Customer database 

What are your needs?

A very simple reason to opt for a point of sale system is that your business needs will be better met. Therefore, this system can offer you a higher probability of growth in less time. 

On the one hand, by optimizing the time of attention of each client, the waiting time is reduced. This means a greater number of customers served in a single day. In turn, people, in general, have become accustomed to the speed of all activities.

Therefore, an old cash register could condemn your business to failure. In the best-case scenario, your customers will look for other shops or businesses where they are served more quickly.

However, you have to determine their needs. From there, you will be able to detect which of the two options may be a better solution. Some common needs are:


  • Taxes to be collected
  • Performance monitoring by employees or by areas
  • Quantity of products in inventory
  • Make quotations and orders to suppliers
  • Real-time information, analysis, and data
  • Payment methods for customers
  • Loyalty programs

Hardly an old cash register can satisfy all these functions. So a good point of sale system that does all these activities for you will be the best choice.

In turn, a point of sale system can provide you with real-time information and data on your business. This will allow you to know the exact status of every aspect of your business. Along with this, you will be able to make the best decisions to achieve a better growth of your business. 

In short, a modern point of sale system is the best assistant for a business in these times. By acquiring the most suitable system you will be able to guarantee a future expansion of your business.