Why New Start-Ups Should Choose Serviced Offices


If you are a new start-up, then you may not be aware of what exactly, a serviced office is. A serviced office is a space that you use for business purposes, that is already furnished and fully equipped to meet your needs. The wonderful thing is that you only pay for the things that you use, and you have the option of renting out a single office, or if the business gets better, a complete floor. The benefit of a serviced office is that it gives you greater flexibility, and flexibility is something that you need when you’re starting out.

Many new businesses fail due to the fact that they cannot come up with the monthly rent for the office space, and they generally have to sign long contracts in order to get the office, in the location that they want. Serviced offices allow you to have shorter leases, and there are no hidden costs as everything is up front. Serviced offices, come with everything that you need and it is all included in the rental price. There are some websites out there like https://www.justcoglobal.com/th/bangkok-serviced-office  that allow you to have an office anywhere in the world. There are so many benefits of having a serviced office, and we will explore some of them here today.

  • Flexible rental terms – As mentioned briefly before, a new start-up wants to be able to have the flexibility to move to a smaller office, or a larger office, depending on the success of the business. You might be stuck in an office that doesn’t provide an essential, strong computer network, and it also doesn’t offer you a solution. Serviced offices allow you to move to a different location, if this one doesn’t suit your needs.


  • It’s extremely cost-effective – When you take advantage of a serviced office, you get an office space that is fully furnished, all the telephone lines and Internet lines are already installed, and you have access to all of the modern equipment that every busy office needs. This means that you start your new business hitting the floor running, and with the chance of some essential government support, no time is lost setting up all of the previously mentioned things. It also allows you to use your cash for other things within the business.



  • It creates the right first impression – Business is all about appearances, and if your office is based in a building, and in a location that is known to be where all of the successful businesses are, then potential clients will see that as a great plus. You get to enjoy an office that is at an address that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford, and this can open up many doors of opportunity for you.

Acquiring a serviced office allows your business to get the strong start, that it needs to survive in this very competitive and ruthless environment. It offers you much lower costs than are experienced in traditional leases, and once you move into your new prestigious address, you get to enjoy a strong brand identity, which is reflected in the location that you have chosen.